Monday, December 24, 2012


I've been hearing quiet a buzz about a movie called Beasts of the Southern Wild and decided I had to see it. So on Saturday I happened to watch the whole movie and was moved by it and what can I say anything that moves me has to be amazing.

Beasts of the Southern Wild Poster
Beasts of the Southern Wild is about a town called the Bathtub and the young girl name Hushpuppy who lives there with her father. Hushpuppy's world is threaten when the polar ice caps start to melt and flood her part of the bayou. In conjunction with the treat of losing her home she must also worry about losing her father who's failing health causing him to act harshly towards his daughter to strengthen her up for when he is gone. 

The people of the Bathtub love their home and refuse to leave even after it was totally flooded. This flood not only alters Hushpuppy's view on life it also unleashes ancient animals that called Auroch, that have made their way from the poles down to the bayou. Hushpuppy and the rest of the survives of the flood in the Bathtub come together to prevail over harsh circumstances.

That was just a short intro from me about the movie, since I want you to see it I am not going to give any of it away. The movie is amazing due to the fact that it is carried by a the six year old character. Not only is Hushpuppy the main character of the movie, but she is also the narrator. When you watch this movie you can't help but think how amazing her character is growing up in a community that is so tight, but also so poor to our eyes.

The young actress that plays the role of Hushpuppy, Quvenzhane Wallis is said to be in the running for a Oscar nomination. It would make her the youngest person to be nominated for an an Oscar. Wallis who is now nine years old has give interviews saying that she enjoyed making the movie and looked forward to what else is out there. Also actor Dwight Henry gave a wonderful performance as Hushpuppy's drunk hot tempered father. Henry's performance had me on the verge of tears when you had to watch how not only his drinking affected him, but also how it affected his relationship with his daughter.

Beast of the Southern Wild is a brilliant movie and it does all the praise and adulation that it has received   I hope that you all take time out to see. It gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This adventure was great. I like the fact that Percy is growing up and experiencing all these adult situations that adults themselves would buckle under. I love the inclusion of a new character and how he sees that it's not what someone looks like that makes them a good person. He finds a brother along the way to share is battles with him but loses him as soon as he is getting to know him and claim him as his brother. Happily Percy does reunite with his brother but once again finds himself a lone when his brother (who happens to be a cyclops) is invited to stay at his father's underwater palace and Percy isn't. This book is filled with adventure and suspense like the first. We see Percy and Annabeth and Grover grow closer together as friends, he even manages to get one of his enemies Clarissa to not hate him as much.

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Friday, December 14, 2012


Today in our country another great act of evil was done on the most innocent of our citizens. A gun man walked into an elementary school today and murdered 20 children between the ages of 5-10 and 6 adults in cold blood in Newtown Connecticut. The gunman murdered his own mother before driving to her place of employment and murdering these innocent young souls and the teachers that tried to protect them. 

As I mother I feel for the parents that are told that they will no longer be able to see the faces of their sweet children anymore. I hope up on all hope that these families will one day heal and that the children that witnessed this horror will also heal. Their nights will be filled with nightmares and pain and they will need to be helped and they will needed their parents to hold them and I hope that they will get the help they need to over come this act of horror. 

 This is a total act of evil that can not be explained. We will never know why this man went to this school and took out his rage, hate, and devilish act upon these sweet innocent children.  The holidays will be somber and not filled with the joy that it should have. Instead it will be filled with reflections on the short but bright lives of these children that were lost. It will be filled with prayers and hopes that something like this never happens again in this country were family is valued so much.

 I held my son and gave him a kiss and held back tears when I watched the news and saw the faces of the children crying and frighten...I will keep them in my prayers and I hope that you all pray for these families and the children that they have lost way too soon.

Friday, December 7, 2012


The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I just finished reading Rick Riordan's The Lighting Thief from his series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. What can I say, I loved it. I saw the movie a while back and never read the book and I have been looking for a new YA series to get into since I left Twilight behind. This first books did not disappoint. Percy's character is way different than he is in the movie. In the movie Percy's character looks to be around 16 and in the book he is 12, which I must admit I like better. I liked the fact that they characters are so young because it makes ever battle and ever minor quest they go on such a big deal. You think are they going to survive this? Are they really going to fight a god and live?
Like I am sure so many have already discovered this book is very entertaining, packed with adventure and it's even a great way to make a child fill good about themselves. Percy suffers from dyslexia and even though he has this he doesn't let it stop him from trying to become the hero he was born to be. I think giving him this block makes his character real and children with the same condition can relate more to him and find the courage in themselves.

Over all I thought this book was fantastic and I can't wait to read the next one in the series. I would encourage parents, grandparents, or anyone who has a young reader and is looking for a gift to give them this series would be it.

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Hey all it's my first post for the month of December, you better enjoy it because for all you know it might be one of the last. According to the Mayan calender this is the year that the world goes to sh*t. So hopefully you've been watching The Walking Dead and Revolution and getting a few tips to survive the on coming doom that's supposedly to befall us all.

But on a happier note it's December!! Time for us all to do Christmas shopping if you haven't already done so and if you even celebrate Christmas anyway. Here in the States we rock Christmas like gold fronts. Unlike so many of the masses this woman did not go outside on Black Friday to buy a crap load of supposedly marked down items to stash in my house until it's jingle bells time. I am one of those wait till it's almost here persons then make a mad dash for the store and see what is left on the ravaged shelves.

Luckily I don't have that many people to shop for seeing that my husband asked for his present in advance. Thank you Playstation 3 for oncoming collapse of my marriage. So that would only leave two people to shop for and they are both under the age of 2 so I can get them what I feel like. Happily there are endless amounts of toys out there for crawlers and toddlers so I see myself going crazy being a first time mom and a third time aunt.

But enough about Christmas shopping...Updates so November is done you know that since I said it's December. So happily that means NaNoWriMo is over (WoooHOooo). I tried to stay in for the long haul but sadly I did not win NaNoWriMo this year. Your ever faithful blog queen only made it to 21,000 words plus. Yes I said 21,000 words, not a novel but a novella, which is totally find by me. I am hoping to have it published by the beginning of next year or so after all the editing and rewrites are done, if we even live that long.

Well people hopefully to all those that did participate in this wonderful writing session you are all editing and rewriting your work to give us something to look forward too. Hopefully we all live pass December 21st (Yes we are all expected to die 4 days before Christmas) so that we can publish our blood, sweat, and tears and see what fruit it bares. Well this December for me will be packed with more writing hopefully I can get it done while fighting off zombies, dodging falling planes, and hiding out in my underground bunker with my family while the rest of the world is overrun-ed by unfriendly aliens.

Well people I will post something much more awesome and entertaining soon. Keep Reading :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So I found another reason that you should watch your back when it comes to the police. While reading the AM New York today, I came across the story of one Officer Gilberto Valle, 28. Valle was arrested for allegedly conspiring to kidnap, torture, cook and eat women. Yes you heard me cook and eat women. REALLY! Did Dunkin Donuts run out of food or something.

 Gilberto "Gil" Valle, an NYPD cop, from his Facebook page. Said to have planned the abducting of 100 women to eat them.
Valle, Via Facebook
Investigators discovered a filed on Valle's computer containing the names, addresses, and physical description of some of the women he had planned to have for dinner. It said that he even had some of them under surveillance, following from work to their homes.

Currently and thankfully Valle is behind bars. His attorney a woman nonetheless is appealing to get the 6 1/2 year police vet. out on bail. (It's been denied 2x) Of course Valle has plead not guilty to the charges and his lawyer claims he was all talk.

Really people of all the things that we have to watch out for in this world now you have to think whether or not the person you're suppose to get HELP from is going to eat us. As a woman I am happy that they are keeping him behind bars. We have heard too many stories of police officers doing things that doesn't fit the image of a protector of the innocent.

We stopped eating people a long time ago..Well some of us, but either way this is just some scary stuff man. I hope he doesn't like dark meat.

Monday, November 19, 2012


So yesterday  I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 again and it was just as spectacular as when I saw it on Friday. This time around I didn't go a lone; I took one of my friends with me that just happens to be a guy. Of course being a man he was really prepared to hate it and throw a bunch of criticism my way and at the movie about how much it sucks. On the train ride to the movies we spoke about tragic love you know Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet & Ophelia, Edward and Bella (yes there love is tragic in someway).

Well once we got to the movies were arrived a little too early and pass the time by browsing around my less favorite book store Barnes & Nobles. Being the NERDS that we are we spent most of the time talking about books that we are currently reading and books that we wish to read. Near the end of our lengthy conversation we ended up in my favorite part of the bookstore the Shakespeare section. We went through each of his plays saying which ones we've read and what we thought was good about it and what we thought about some of the characters.

Eventually we finally ended up at the movies and happily Breaking Dawn blow my friend again.  Here is what  he said to say

"So,I'm just coming back from watching breaking dawn part two, i must admit i went with much skepticism and expected to fall asleep early in the movie, i even bemoaned the fact that i left my book about allan greenspan i could've read while the expected snorefest was showing, i was rudely awaken, i was a pleasantly surprised  this could easily be called the movie of the year and will surprise anyone who goes to watch it, i encourage everyone to go out and see it and as soon as i can find someone to buy me a ticket I'm going again,lol its that good."

So ladies if you have a male friend that you want to take to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and they utterly refuse have them read this and give it a chance and see the look on there face when the movie is over and say "I TOLD YOU SOO!"

Friday, November 16, 2012


OMG! If you haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 there is something wrong with you. But let me start wit this: This was the best Twilight Saga movie...EVER EVER EVER

The movie opens up with a song we all know and love. I know when I here it, it makes me think about love and I don't me regular love I mean the love to end all love. I am to not going to tell you the song cause I hate spoilers.  As we all know by now Bella is a vampire and a beautiful  strong one at that. No matter what you think of Kristen Stewart, she acted the hell out of this role. Maybe it was because this was her last time being Bella, but who the hell care I am happy she did. She performed like never before, staying true to the emotions Bella poured out after her transformation.

Robert Pattinson was amazing as always. Playing the part of the loving father and husband, he made sure that we would never forget that he would always be Edward Cullen. The rest of the cast and the newcomers to the Twilight universe gave great performances and they were a blessing to watch.

I want to give kudos to Nikki Reed who really transform Roz from a totally you know what, to the best vampire aunt a young halfling could asked for. She did Roz justice in every way. The young girl that play Renesmee Mackenzie Foy was marvelous. She portrayed our beloved vampire child to the absolute T.

I will truly miss seeing Peter Facinelli as Daddy Cullen and I will miss Jackson Rathbone''s crooked Jasper smile. I am very sad the series is over and there will be more movies but I am truly happy they left us with something totally wonderful and something I can watch over, and over, and over you get the idea.

At the end of the movie everyone was cheering including myself and I can tell you I'm not a cheer kinda person. The movie is filled with suspense, comedy, action, and over all just amazing. When I was leaving I found myself singing the end song and felt sad and happy at the same time. This is absolutely the best Twilight Sage movie EVER and I recommend no I employ you to see it. If you don't I'm sorry you're not a really Twilight fan sorry.

I loved it and happily I have tickets to see it again on Sunday and it's well worth it.


">Grave Secrets: Deadtime StoriesGrave Secrets: Deadtime Stories by Annette Cascone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I went a little young with my reading. I had this book since October where I picked it up at Comic Con and even meet the authors (so it's signed). What can I say, but I love it. I love the characters, the suspense, and everything in the story. As an author of books in the same genre and age group it was worth reading to get a lesson how it should be done.

The book and story over all was great. Amanda, Jarrad, Kevin, and Laura are all wonderfully written characters. I wont give any of the story away but it has you guessing the whole time about Ms. Barns. I would most definitely recommend this book for your readers that are into goose bump giving reads.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


La Luna Readers: MARRIAGE AS A LEASE WITH OPTION TO RENEW: Marriage as a leash with option to renew- No I don’t think so.   “Marriage as a leash with option to renew”, my Professor brought up the... just click on the link to read post.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


You ever wonder why you can't resist the urge to go into McDonalds or Burger King and sink your face into that fating stuff they pass off as food. Well I just watched a movie that tried to explain it all.
BRANDED I must say has to be one of the most worst/best movies I've seen in a long time and I've seen a lot of bad movies; I have the Sci-Fi channel. Yes I know it came out earlier this year, but I just saw it.

Branded PosterIn a world blanketed by advertising the lead character in the movie Misha Galkin (portrayed by Ed Stoppard) fines that he has a knack for selling people things.  Set in Russia which in the movie is a large testing ground for international companies and their products. Misha uses his skill to sell the Russian people on everything. Not only is he an advertising executive but he is also a spy. He is recruited by Bob Gibbon portrayed by Jeffery Tambor to help sell the Russian people the crap that the west is already drowning in, burgers, soda, fast food galore, and not to mention reality TV. But he is also to spy on the up and coming companies for the good of Democracy.

Misha meets Gibbon's niece who is in Russia to produce a reality TV show much like the one we had here in America where they take some sad sack that doesn't think much of her self and have them cut her up and supposedly make her look pretty. Well in the movie the girl that they put under the knife ends up going into a coma and they have to find some schmuck to take the fall. So Misha goes to jail, but was later released thanks to the efforts of Bob. (It was Bob who had Misha put in jail in the first place since he messed with his niece).

Misha goes off the reservation and becomes a farmer. Bob's niece Anna (portrayed by LeeLee Sobieski) goes out to find Misha and see that he is a total mess and ends up leaving without him. Misha stays on the farm and has a dream about a mystical cow in the sky who tells him how to bring down big business and advertising. After murdering a cow that magically transformed from white to red (If I smoked that would have totally freaked me out). He then goes on to take the ashes of the burnt cow on pours it on himself. He staggers off naked and collapses only to wake up in Anna's car still naked may I add. That part is also kind of trippie because Anna has Misha's kid, so its like 9 -10 years has gone by.

But all is not right. When Misha wakes up he finds that he can see strange creatures attached to everyone. Each of these creates is related to a brand. Pushing people to buy, consume, and push themselves to get it and growing larger after they have consumed the product. You see this when we meet Misha's son who like the rest of the Russia public in the movie is a little fatty.

So I'm not going to tell you the whole movie. I want you to watch it because even thought I thought "man this movie kinda sucks" I also though "man they really have something here". I thought they really had something because it's so totally true that we are bombarded with ads for fast food, cosmetics, trash reality TV shows, and all kind of other products. My kid is only one and I think he's seem more fast food advertising that one add for picking up a book. Yeah sure he doesn't know what it means but that suggestion is being placed in his head from an early age saying this is what you want , this is what you desire.

All in all the movie is a total trip and it had me wondering are we really being programmed like it's suggesting? Should we be affair of all these big brands out there trying to sell us there products?
Even though the movie comes off as boring it's totally watchable and it will have you thinking and also probably looking on your back. So it gets a 6 out of 10...

Thursday, November 8, 2012




So I am gearing up to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. Like most Twilight Sage fans I am excited and sad that next week will usher in the end of all the movies. I am very happy that I got to see each and every movie and that Stephenie Meyer wrote such and addictive book. I'm current going to see the movie by myself on Sunday, why you ask well 1) My hubby doesn't like Twilight (I should totally dump him) 2) I can't do opening day because I have to work and then run home to watch my little vampire in the making 3) because I don't know who is going to be around Sunday when I want to see it. 

But like I said totally excited. I am hoping there will be a series out there that will fill the hole that the Twilight Saga will leave in my heart. Luckily Mrs. Meyer writes awesome enough books that everyone wants to make into a movie and I can look forward to seeing the HOST next year. I am hoping that she writes a couple more books and give us something else to be hooked on. If there aren't any vampires I wont be mad. I would love for her to write a little bit into the future and tell us what happens with Renesmee and Jacob, but that is a total long shot.


One of my friends tried to talk me into reading some fan fiction which I totally shut down right away. I love that some people want the series to go on, but some people take it to weird places when they write this stuff and make you go BARF really BARF some more. Anyway...make sure you get your ticket and if you are in Downtown Brooklyn, Sunday Nov 18th, I'll be there. I will post the time I am going.I will be the one rocking the Edward t-shirt.. Please no weirdos or crazy people ...I will totally go Jamaican on you. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012



So I got up this morning around 6 A.M got myself ready and went with my Grandma and voted. We had to take a little detour since they changed our voting station and did not mention anything. There were no signs around the school to let us know we had to go somewhere else. I am sure there were probably people inside but we didn't make it that far. Thankful someone that had already gone in told us where we had to go to vote and even gave us a ride (What a nice lady). Nothing was going to stop us from voting especially my Grandma.

I am not going to say who I voted for (but you can guess) since who ever you vote for is your own business, but the important thing is to get up off your butt and go vote.I know some people out there don't like either candidates that are running but guess what it doesn't matter either way one of them well be president, so why not vote for the one who talks about issues that you have on your mind.

I wasn't born in this country but I was damn happy when I chose to become and American citizen. Not only did I learn it was my right to vote, but it was my civic duty to go out and make my voice heard through my vote of what I want and what I stand for.

So remember people it only happens every 4 years and if you don't get out there and vote you're stuck with who the rest of America elects as President. So whether we are welcoming back the current President or ushering a new one into office remember you had your chance to help make the decision. So go out there and VOTE and make a clear choice. If you don't know where you're suppose to vote call 311 and they will give you the information.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Expressing my appreciation for the GREATEST band around (What's your favorite 30 Second to Mars song?)

Okay so I've loved Jared Leto from the first moment I saw him on "My So Called Life". I was the only black chic in school rocking plaid because of him. After the series ended it was hard for me to find things he was in. Happily he did star well co-star in a couple movies that I watched with great enjoyment. But even though I love Jared as an actor, I love him more as the lead singer to what I am saying is the greatest band on earth 30 Seconds to Mars or even the greatest band in the galaxy.

After punching Jared's name in to my search bar for the millionth time, I found a link that lead me to the video  "The Kill" and man I could have died a happy woman that day. Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevi, and then band member Matt Wachter gave me something I was longing for, a band that had a message and that wasn't all about money and groupies. "The Kill" is still one of my favorite songs by the band, but happily they have pumped me full of great songs, like Fantasy, Hurricane, Kings and Queens, and This is War.  Sure there are a ton of other songs I can name that they have that I am in love with but, those are the ones that really really speak to me. (Also Beautiful Lie-can't forget that)

30 Seconds To Mars is a band that always carries the truth with them. In all their songs there is meaning behind the music. In there video for Beautiful Lie we were taught what was really going on in the north when it came to our polar ice caps. The band belted out lyrics while standing on out in the northern cold making us realize that people are willfully lying to  us about the condition of our planet and that we shouldn't believe what we are told so easily. When I saw this video not only was I sadden by the truth but also made aware that I needed to do more.

The bands passion for all things right has spawned a growing movement called the Echelon. This is the name followers of the band call themselves and I can gladly say that I consider myself in this family. The music and passion that the band puts out there pulls people of all walks of life around the world together. The Echelon consider themselves more of a family then just fans of the band. Many even say that the band has a cult like following and they don't deny it. Jared has stated that he does consider the Echelon somewhat of a cult because it's something special that it's not for everyone but only for those that understand.

The band has released 3 studio albums today and are currently working on the 4th. I like so many others out there are waiting patiently to see what amazing work they come out with next. I know for sure that it will carry a message in each and every song and probably knock you on your a** like all their other albums. I have a lot of things on my "things to do before I die list" and seeing 30 Seconds to Mars play live is one of them and above that meeting the band in person to thank them creating such soul shaking, thought provoking music.

So if you haven't heard 30 Seconds to Mars yet and you're reading this I will forgive you for leaving and checking them out or just click


So it's November and for all of you that don't know it yet, I am a writer. Yes you heard me a writer. You might have read some of my papers on here or even seen my post about myself and my series The Adventures of Marco and Carla. Well this month I have taken up a whole new venture. What is it you ask? Well it's NaNoWriMo of course.

NaNoWriMo is an event open to all writers out there. The quest of NaNoWriMo is to try and write 50,000 (Yes I said 50,000) words by the end of November. Each year thousands of writers put a side what they are doing to participate in the event and this year I am one of those writers. I was hard at work on the next volume to The Adventures of Marco and Carla series when I decided to take a break from it and try this out, also it's for school.

So I am currently writing a new story and of course it's YA because that's all I really write, besides papers for class. Hopefully I will have it done by the end of November and published for you find people to read and enjoy. Also if you are a writer check out the NaNoWriMo website NaNoWriMo Link it's a great way to test yourself to see if you have what it takes to write a novel in one month.

Sadly I don't think I will be writing a whole novel. But I am aiming high and trying to get close to those 50,000 words. Who knows maybe I will prove myself wrong and make it to the 50,000 words. Oh yeah you might be wondering what you get for doing this. Well if you get up to 50,000 and after you've sent your story in to be checked (You must write 50,000 words). They will let you know if you've won and when you have you can have a polished manuscript and also publish your book with Createspace and get 5 free copies of your published book.

So brush off that pen of yours and that idea that you have stuck in your head put it paper and write what might be the next great novel.

P.S. If you are on Google + you will fine tunes of great writers on there in NaNo circles that you can talk to and bounce ideas of. We writers are awesome that way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello readers. Just a quick post to let you know that I survived a long with my family this annoying supposed hurricane. I am originally from Jamaica and this was more of a tropical storm than a hurricane. But none the less this natural disaster came and took lives not only here in The United States, but also in Jamaica and the Bahamas where it started out. My prayers go out to the people back in my home country and to those here in the US that have lost people. Also I just wanted to post a picture of what outside of my house looked like. I live a cross the street from a stream if you can call it that and this thing turned into a monster and destroyed a lot of property.


That happens to be my backyard and the last pic on the right hand side my front yard. I would say it was about 4 to 5 feet of water that was out there. The water came rushing down the street taking with it trees, cars, and whatever else was out there last night. A lot of people are without power and I am very thankful I am not one of them. But since the basement was flooded I am without hot water which isn't so bad considering what else could have happened.

Many hospitals and other places had to evacuate patients. Once again my heart and prayers go out to them that they are all safe and that no one lost their lives during transport.

I thank everyone for keeping us here on the east coast in your thoughts. Now all we have to do is clean up our state and get the city that never sleeps back on its feet. I have lost two days of work ergo two days of wages so this Sandy was a pain in the you know what. Thank you once again for keeping us in your thoughts.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So the other day while I was at New York Comic Con, I happened to wonder by the Random House booth and looked over the books that they were showing off. To my joy they were giving away advanced readers copies. This is the copy that the publisher puts out there I guess to test the waters. Well I got an advance readers copy of a new young adult novel slated to be released in February 2013 it's called DUALED by Elise Chapman  the first novel by the author.

Okay so here is my sweet intro..

Imagine a world ravaged by a vaccine everyone thought would help. The United States a long with many other countries are plugged into war. But there is a haven, a protectorate named Kersh. Kersh is free of war but keeps soldiers at its boarders at all time, but there is a dark side to living in Kersh. Everyone in Kersh is born with a double called an Alternate. For you to stay in Kersh you have to prove that you're worthy, and the way to prove you're worthy is by finding and killing your Alt before your twentieth birthday.

Safety and peace has it's price and this is what everyone who is of selection age must pay.

Dualed is the story of a young woman coming of age. Fifteen year old West Grayer has trained as a fighter like all the other children in Kersh. West awaits the day she gets her assignment and is able to finally be "complete". West is confident in herself, until a tragic mistake shakes her confidence and now she doesn't know if she is worthy. Shaken West takes off, but if she is to survive, she must stop running and face her Alt, but she must also face the love she is trying to leave behind.

So here are my thoughts on DUALED.

First of all I love the idea of it. Running around life knowing that out there in another sector there is someone who looks exactly like you, but for you to survive you have to kill the other. When I started reading the book the first couple pages grabbed me and I was like okay this seems really great, but then the story started to drag a little, but don't worry that doesn't last for long. 

The main character West Grayer is likable, because she is like every girl out there well besides the fact she can probably kill you. Confident about herself until, something happened to shake that confidence and now she's totally on the fence about herself and the decisions she make. She is the only surviving member of her family which makes you want to like the character more. That she is in this environment having to face this big situation, killing her Alt pushes the characters appearance of being tough but at the same time kind of soft.

We meet a lot of other characters through out the story and her love interest is what saves West's character from coming off like a totally annoyance.

(Question: If you've already read this book AND I've check Goodreads a lot have doesn't it kinda reminds you of Hunger Games except you're not killing others just basically yourself?)

Dualed is filled with action, suspense and even some romance. It might take a while getting there but I think it's worth the wait. So on the La Luna Reader scale I give DUALED 8.5 out of 10. Even though I found myself struggling to get to the end the last couple chapters made up for it.  For more information on DUALED check out Random House, Inc..

Happy Reading.

Friday, October 19, 2012


So fanboys and fangirls New York Comic Con has come and gone for another year and there was much excitement and joy over the whole experience. I only got to go there on Sunday, but it was fun nonetheless. 
There were still tons of stars there Sunday that I could have meet such as Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy, Peter Davison aka the 5th Doctor Who and a bunch of others who names slip my mind at the moment. Sadly I really really did want to meet Peter Davison to see if he would run off with me in a TARDIS I found wondering around, but it would have cost me $40.00 to speak to the man and my pockets are still in a recession.

But either way I did have a lot of looking around and happen to run into some cool people, one of the real reasons I was there. Such all the masses where up top on the main floor of the Javits Center checking out the latest games and toys that are coming out for there favorite almost beaten dead series, but all the way in the back to what seems like the basement. There they stashed away all the artist and dubbed it Artist Alley. Mashed together at tables showing off their works of genius were some of the coolest artist out there. Sure I am not as big of a geek as I use to be so I can't even remember there names, but what I will tell you is from what I saw these people we the meaning of the word talent personified.

There were so many unique artist there drawing our favorite comic book characters there own way. It was great seem all the different ways Batman can look mean and awesome at the same time. But while I was down in artist alley, I had the chance to stop by the booths of 6 illustrators from the group Drink & Draw NYC.  Starting from left to right  let me introduce the talent. First is Javier Cruz Winnik, second N. Steven Harris, Sara Woolley, Daren Douglass, Khary Randolph and Wesley Gunn.

Ajala: A Series Of AdventuresEach of these wonderful artist stopped and took the time to take a pic for the blog site and to also tell me about projects that they were working on and personal projects that they are currently trying to promote.  N Steven Harris is currently working on his line of comics Ajala and The Fringe. These comics both feature strong black female characters at the heart of the story. I really look forward to reading these because since Storm I really haven't seen much black female superhero characters.

Next up is Khary Randolph; Khary continues to work on major comics such as Starborn, Charismagic, Static Shock and more. While at Comic Con I saw Khary drawing a new piece of an old favorite of mine and here is the finished product..BAM! Colossus and yes those are bullets bouncing of the man...I told you this man has skills. (For more on Khary check out my post Khary Randolph: An Artist Like No Other).

Los Pirineos Comp Book
Another cool artist I meet while I was at Comic Con was Sara Woolley. Sara is an amazing artist who draws characters and creatures that seem to come from dreams. Sara is not only an artist but a wonderful writer I got the chance to see Sara's book Los Pirineos. The book tells and an amazing story and even more amazing is that it is fully illustrated with beautiful eye catching drawings for young readers to look at. I am hoping that she finds a publisher soon so you can all see this amazing piece of work. For more information on Los Pirineos make sure you check out Sara's site. (Just click on her name)

Look out it's the Fat Ninja brought to you by no other than Wesley Gunn of Wesley Gunn Creative. Wesley like all the other illustrator is an accomplished artist who is out there doing his thing. His company Wesley Gunn Creative also know as WFCNY has worked for names that are known world wide such as Nickelodeon, ABC, DC Comics, and Image just to name a few. I recently check out Wesley's company's site WGCNY after meeting him at Comic Con and was totally amazed at all the things this brother is into. What really caught my eye on his site was the amazing Star Trek email design. I LOVE STAR TREK so this man gets 2 sexy green lady thumbs up. Also make sure to check out is latest venture Fat Ninja on iTunes

Last but not less Javier Cruz Winnik. Javier is an amazing artist that have drawn many a commission works for fans. This year was Javier's first year in Comic Con's Artist Alley and let me tell you the man fits right in. On display he had some amazing work. One of them that I really like was Superman vs. Goku. I really wonder who would win that match up. Javier is also working on a children's book, which I hope I get to see when he is finish so I can tell you about it. You can see more of Javier's amazing work at his DeviantArt page just click on the link and experience the magic Javier Cruz Winnik Deviantart Page.

All in all it was a great experience and meeting these artist from the first time 1 for the 3rd or 4th (Khary I don't know) was great. Hopefully next year they will all grace NYCC 2013 with their presence and amazing work. Well that's all for now make sure to check back later on PAGES for my Q & A with the artist themselves. I will also be posting the rest of the New York Comic Con pics on that page also.

(All images on this page are property of the artist-I thank them in advance for letting me use them)

Monday, October 15, 2012


So after a long day of New York Comic Con, I rushed home to go do laundry and get all that stuff out of the way so that there was nothing stopping me from watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Mine you when I got home it was 7:30 PM so I had more than enough free time to get myself pumped up to see some zombie butt kicking. So here is my recap of the season premiere if you missed it our if you're one those persons that have Dish and can no longer see it (sucks to be you).

Well after seating through the last episode from last season, the premiere started with a bang. The survivors think about whether or not they can still trust Rick after he revealed that he killed Shane. I for one do not miss Shane since he  was  jerk and the ever plotting liar. Anyway so they manage to make it to a not so abandon home and comes across two zombies who they readily take out. They search the house for food and come up empty (unless you count the dog food Rick's son fines as food) and don't know know it as soon as they thought they could rest for a little while here come our dead friends.

Leaving the group from a second we see Andrea running through the woods followed by a ton of zombies. Last season I remember wanting her to die so badly due to the fact that she let herself get fooled by Shane (idiot) but whatever. So after running for what seems like forever she eventually crumbs due to fatigue and is about to be chewed on by some large walking corpse when she is saved by (drum roll please) Michonne. Michonne who's character appearances with her signature two walking handbags (2 zombies that are said to be her ex and his best-friend and that sweet as sword of hers comes into play finally . Michonne rescues Andrea from being eaten (which I believe sooner or later she will regret) and the both of them hide out in a small town so Andrea has time to recover.

Back to the group. So Rick leads them to a prison where they take out the zombies walking around in the courtyard. They all sit around a fire talking with the exception of Rick who can't stand to be around his "wife" Lori (I wonder why?). He eventually joins them, and tells them they the next day they would try to make it in to the prison. After explaining his plan he soon leaves and goes back on guard duty.

They brace themselves to make it into the prison. When they get through the gates they come upon a large number of zombies. Due to Rick's quick thinking they didn't have to fight those flesh eaters off, but had to deal with the dead person guards. The guards were still decked out in riot gear and were a little harder to kill until on of them discovers if I stab him in the face and drive the knife to his brain he will dead. So after they conquered that they make it into the prison and for once had a secure place to sleep; little do they know it they will soon regret that.

The group decides to search the prison to try and find food and medicine. Rick tells them that they have to stick together. While exploring the prison they run into some zombies and Glenn and Maggie get cornered and had to take cover in closet. Rick notice that they were missing and decide that they had to go back for them. While searching for them Hershel pushes a head and does not do the one thing you must always do when in a place over run with zombies, which is check to see if the body lying in your way is actually dead. Due to the fact Hershel neglected this he got a chunk of his leg ripped out by zombie teeth. ( I guess he didn't see Welcome to Zombieland-Double tap fool one of the rules man.)

Rick and the others come to his rescue and take him to a secured room where Rick ends up hacking Hershel's leg off to save him, bet you he wish he was dead when that was happening. To the survivors surprise there in the room where they were now taking refuge were prisoner who had survived the assault on the prison. Everyone looks stunned. The End

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Khary Randolph 
We all have our favorite things to look at and admirer. I myself I like looking at drawings and colorful things. Yes, I like Vincent Van Goff, Leonardo Da Vinici, and all those other artist. But since the day I saw this artist work and yes that what he is an artist even though he is classified as an illustrator. I've been enthralled by the way he brings simple illustrations to life and how all his work seem to speak volumes. You might ask who is this person I am speaking of ? 

Well if you've watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen Titans, or the Boondocks, or ever picked up a comic book or just seen some really cool poster for a comic that you want to read but haven't gotten the chance too maybe this artist drew that cover. I'm talking about Khary Randolph. This Boston transplant has been drawing in New York city for the last 10 years. He has had his hand in bring to life a lot of great comics out there and has worked for some of the top companies in the comic book industry, Boom Comics, Marvel and DC Comics just to name a few.

Cover by Khary Randolph
Khary a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, work is some of the best I've seen. He has left his make on a couple of well known and beloved properties such as Spiderman, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Boondocks,Teen Titans and even The Adventures of Spawn.  His latest comic illustration work Charismagic,  Fanboys vs. Zombies, and not to mention Starborn and Static Shock are great hit with comic book fans. With the great artwork that he produces every issue no wonder so many praise his talents.

Khary also worked on a series of characters for the game Chaotic which was released by 4Kids Entertainment Inc. The elaborate characters what he had to draw were amazing. Working at 4Kids I got a first (Well somewhat first) look at the cards when they came out and was amazed by the imagery. If only it has translated that well to the cartoon, it would probably have been a bigger success story.

Khary also have his own series of books of original sketches dubbed Pimpjooze. Filled with beautiful sketches of the female characters both sexy and powerful they show a wide array of Khary's appreciation for everything female in this series of books. The book also features sketches of characters that are a large part of the comic book universe such as Wolverine. Also featured in the book are never before seen unpublished artwork and commission stuff that he has worked on.

Static X cover by Khary Randolph
Besides all the comic book, TV, and commercial work Khary does, he also host a form call Drink & Draw, where he along with a lot of New York based illustrators (artist) get together and have a great time doing what they love drawing. The Drink and Draw groups meet Wednesday each month and information for the event is post of the Drink and Draw Facebook page which is ran by Khary. You don't have to be the greatest illustrator in the world to attend the events. I myself regularly (thanks be to Khary) am invited even though I lack all these illustrators skills. If your an illustrator and looking for a great group to draw with look up the Drink and Draw group on Facebook.

Also a long tunes of other blessed artist, Khary will be attending New York Comic Con this week which starts October 11th- 14th, 2012. So if your attending this years Comic Con make sure to stop by Artist Alley where all the great illustrators and comic book related individuals are station and check out his art work he will be stationed at Booth CC2. You should also pick up a copy of Pimpjooze 7 which is available on his site and probably at Comic Con and all his other works, and see what all the buzz it about.

To check out some of Khary's work here are links to his DeviantArt page kharyrandolph.deviantart and his personal page Khary Randolph.

Thanks for reading enjoy.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Nickelodeon 2012 version

So the other day I wrote a post about 80's cartoons they should bring back and try not to mess up. In that post I happen to mention that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the shows they were already planning on revamping. Yes like so many others I was totally skeptical whether or not Nickelodeon could or would do a good job bringing back the iconic 80's action cartoon stars. When I saw the new art I was automatically putting this revamp in the garbage, due to the fact I grow up on the old turtles and the for years watched and worked with the 4kids Entertainment versions, but I must say I was totally wrong. 

4Kids Entertainment version
After watching the premiere this past weekend with my 10 month old son (who loved it by the way) it was good. Sure they aren't rough and worn like the turtles of old, but still they are the Turtles a younger version. In this version the Turtles are 15 years old even Splinter is younger by the looks of him and the fact he isn't walking around with his cane. The hour premiere had me laughing and thinking all at the same time. 

Donatello, Me, April, and Mikey @ 2009 Comic-Con 
I love the fact that the first enemy they face is Krang one of my favorite villains. They have just meet April O'neal who like the turtles is also younger. After trying to rescue her and her father from the Krangs they only manage to get April. 

At the end of the premiere we see a familiar figure who will surely make the Turtles life a little harder yes I am talking about their biggest enemy the Shedder. Hopefully since they are using villains that we know and love we will get to see Rock Stead and Bep Bop appear somewhere in this new series.

Honestly I am looking forward to seeing how this series plays out. It's a new  look for the Turtles for a new generation of kids who will hopefully be turtle lovers like a lot of us .

Some may not like the new look of the Turtles, but they have to bare with it. You can always go online and check out the older cartoon versions or pick up some old school comics if you can find them and relive their glory days. But this new series looks like it will be a hit with the young ones.

Well cowabunga dudes!!!
Gotta Rock the TMNT Hoodie

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today as I sat at my table by myself at school eating my dinner of chicken tender covered in barbecue sauce, I kept thinking about all the pictures I've been seeing of Lady Gaga lately. If you didn't already know Gaga posted a pic of herself on via Twitter only dressed in matching bra and panties. She did this to show of the body that she has admitted has had its ups and downs battling bulimia. I am proud to say thank you to mama monster for doing this and showing that people talking about other peoples weight only brings ugly thing out into the light.

Gaga along with Katie Couric has admitted publicly that they both have had their battles with bulimia and continue to struggle with the sickness. The way our society is today it praises those they consider the ideal size and shape. They tell you that you aren't perfect unless you are a size 6 or even smaller. They tell you that you aren't beautiful if you don't look a specific way. All these ideals of beauty and what is acceptable in our society is driving people women mostly to do stupid, dangerous, insane things to attain these standards. When I was younger I did not see myself as perfect and was call fat, husky, and all kind of other names and that lead me to stop eating which is never a good idea. I ended up looking horrible and sickly due to the fact I wanted to be thin and considered pretty so that people would notice me and like me.

Lady Gaga, Twit Pic
Brave image of Lady Gaga 
One does not need to be perfect, nor does everyone need to be thin to the point where they look like skeletons. I have seen many a models on the runway that look like they haven't eaten in years. The people who use these ultra skinny models should tell them that bones don't look good in an outfit.When I personal look at a model I want my eyes to be draw in by the clothing she is trying to sell me, or the jewelry, or the hat, whatever she is wearing. I don't want to be distracted by her ribs showing or her hip bone being so predominate in the picture that I totally forget what the whole print ad is about.

When I see a body like Lady Gaga's I see a body that is perfect. Her body to me looks like a picture of health. She is neither ultra thin, nor is she over weight. The magazines and tabloids got on her case due to the fact that she reportedly gained 25lbs. Oh My God!!! She gained 25lbs. Who is she to go and put on weight and offend our eye sight? HELLO PEOPLE...she is a person. A woman. We gain weight whether we like it or not. It's her body and she has the right to put whatever she wants in it. People, gaining 25lbs is no big deal. I wish some of the ultra thin girls out there would take a page out of her book and eat something.

I love the fact that Gaga is happy with herself. She shows us that you know what let them say what the hell they want to say we are find the way we are. True there are people out there that only for health reasons need to lose weight but if a young girl or woman gains a few points she shouldn't be criticized nor should it be pointed out to her everyday. This society needs to evolve its sense of what is health and beautiful. There are cultures out there that think a skin woman is the most unattractive thing on two feet. Israel has taken it one step by banning ultra skinny models,but that is not the point. The point is that society needs to let it go and stop trying to influence people on what is beautiful. We all have eyes of our own and we can all look at ourselves and judged whether or not we are happy with ourselves. we do not need some man or some woman telling us that this is what we should look like when they don't even look like that themselves. That's all this pleasantly large woman has to say.

Here are some other famous people that have battled this disease

If you are battling this disease or know someone battling bulimia here are books and links that you can refer too. There is help out there and you are great the way God made you.



Quick post...if you're looking for a great way to keep track of all the books that you've read this site is the place for you GoodReads. This site is amazing you can find all the books that you've read and let the whole know how literate you are. Also you can keep a list of books that you plan on reading and also invite friends to read the same book.

This place is also a great place if you are looking for something to read. If your friends are already on the site you can see what they've also read and reviewed and you can pick from their list. If you are looking for something that was published by an independent author and are not able to find the book you are given the option of posting the information about the book on the website for everyone to see.

So once again if you're trying to keep your thought organized about what you've read this is the site for you. If you do stop by make sure to check out my profile and see all the books I've read, am currently reading, and plan on reading.

Happy Reading

Sunday, September 23, 2012


We all fear the dark. Now imagine a world where the lights have gone out for good. No one knows why. No one knows how it happened, but it just did. The governments are gone. The world is now ruled by the laws of the jungle. Only the strong can survive in this new unlit world. But there is a beacon of hope in the shape of an old looking necklace. This may be the salvation of mankind and a way back into the light.

The new Fall TV show Revolution on NBC looks like a great hit. We open with a family who are engrossed with technology, when all of a sudden when the lights go out. We jump a head 15 years later. America as we know it no longer exist. The government has been replaced by a brutal militia lead by General Monore that seeks to dominate all. But there is hope in a small town lives a man, a scientist by the name of Ben Matheson who may know why the lights went out and how to turn them back on. Matheson, is killed by the militia that was sent to capture him and his son taken.

With is last breath he changes his friend Aaron to protect a mysterious necklace and tell his daughter, Charlie Matheson one of the main characters to get her uncle Miles Matheson a former marine portrayed by Twilight star Billy Burke to rescue her brother Danny who was taken by the militia.

Charlie fines her uncle in Chicago serving as a bar keep. After she fines him she tries to talk him into helping her rescue her brother but he refuses. The group is betrayed and the militia attacks Mile's bar, but he with some help from his niece and her companions fight off the murderous group and begin their journey to rescue Danny and turn back on the lights.

So that in a nut shell is the first episode of Revolution and let me tell you I already like it. The thought of a future America where its every man, woman, and child for him or herself makes for great TV. The character of Charlie portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos (try saying that last name 5 times fast) is likable and strong. But who I am really impressed by is Billy Burke. After seeing him as Charlie, Bella Swan's father it's great to see Billy in a roll where he is kicking ass. But this isn't the only role where he plays a tough guy, he also plays a really good bad guy in Drive Angry. Burke plays a great tough guy in this new show.

So make sure to watch Revolution on NBC Mondays at 10PM. This show so far looks pretty good and delivers. It has action, drama, in a post apocalyptic background. So if you one of those people that always thinks what if the lights do go out this is the show for you.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Silver Hawks, He-Man, Thunder-Cats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Smurfs are just a few names of cartoons that were popular in the 80's. I myself grew up watching all of these shows being a child of the 80's. So you think to yourself  why don't they bring these shows back? Well some of the shows that we have loved over the years have been brought back but unhappily a lot of them just plan SUCK.

One of my all time favorite shows growing up was Thunder Cats. Debuting in 1984 the story of a Lion-O and his loyal Thunderans was a tale of tragedy and an epic struggle to survive against the mutants Plun-Darr and the evils of Mumm-Ra The Every Living. After losing their home Thundera, the ThunderCats travel to third earth. While the rest of the ThunderCats sleep Jaga voluneeters to pilot the ship to the new planet. Sadly on the journey Jaga dies from old age but delivers the then sleeping Thunderans to Third Earth.The Thunderans awaken to find themselves on this new planet, but also that the young lord Lion-O's body had age and he was now a boy in a grown man's body. While on the new planets the ThunderCats befriend the natives who then help them build "Cat's Lair". Mumm-Ra senses the Eye of Thundera and wants it for himself to destroy the ThunderCats and rule Third Earth  unchallenged.

The series goes on good against evil. The original show ran from 1984-1989. It was then brought back in 2011. I must say I was totally excited by the thought that they were bring this classic back to TV, but I knew there would be a few upgrades. What I was no in store for were the down grades. 

Here are is everything I am happy with in the new verison.

1) Like its 80's predessor it is filled with a lot of action and a exciting story line.
2) Cheetra is given a lot of screen time and seems to be a large part of the story lines
3)They keep ALL the original characters

So that's what I am happy with. Here is what I am not happy with.

1) SNARF can't talk!!! Whats up with that? I know for fact that the reason I loved the character of Snarf so much was to hear all the witty banter that came out of his mouth. He was Lion-O point man and when Lion-O got in trouble Snarf was always there to turn tail and run to tell the others.
2) The story line seems to have changed or is it just me? The original ThunderCats escaped Thundera but in the new vision they seem to still be on Thundera and this is where the story takes place. Maybe it's me.
3) Lion-O is still a kid. Don't get me wrong I think its kind of cool that they kept him in kid from because it makes him lording over the rest of the ThunderCats, such a challenge and makes for great viewing, but I would have been happier with an adult Lion-O.
4) There was nothing wrong with the old theme song. Bring it back.

As soon as they fix those things I will be happy with the new version, until then they are still on my are you kidding me list. Also on my are you kidding me list Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. If you have seen the commercials you know what I am talking about. I know one of the artist who use to work on TMNT when it was then held by 4Kids Ent. the art work has totally gone blah. I don't know if they are just updating it for the kids, but it is totally lacking something, a whole a lot of things.

But that's enough of me are a pics of 5  shows that I wish they would bring back but try not to mess up. I know that you might have to change the story line a little to make more entertaining for today's generation but they must also remember to try and not to alienate the older 80's gen that made these shows such a success.

1) The Smurfs-This show is always a good laugh. They made a movie which I thought was okay. I believe you can still catch the 80's version on channel 125 which is Cartoon Networks Boomerang. But I would love for them to update it.

2) Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was and awesome show. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors on going fight against Saw Boss was great to watch.

3) He-Man I really don't have anything to say about this the show speaks for it self. But the word EPIC comes to mind...and awesome.

4)Silver Hawks awesome characters, great opening. I still want to know who played that guitar rift. Amazing.  Intergalactice police half human, half machine fighting against the evil Mon* Star The rights to the Silver Hawks is owned be Warner Bros. hopefully someone will be crazy enough to take a chance and bring it back.

5) WildFire...This one is my secret love...I know this was super girlie, but I could never get enough of this show. It was the only girlie show, besides Paw Paw Bears, Gummy Bears, and Pound Puppies, I swear.

So there you have it...The list of 5 shows I wish they would bring back and the one show that they did redo that I have issues with. Please be advice that ThunderCats isn't the only show out there that has be brought back for a new generation. Also out there is Voltron, Transformers, TMNT and I am not really happy with it.But we will save that for another rant.

Happy Reading.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We've all been battered by the on going coverage of the scandal that has rocked our faith in happily ever afters. Yes! You know what I am talking about. But if you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks let me remind you. It was announced that Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend of 3 years Robert Pattinson with a married man, who happened to be the director of her latest role Snow White and the Huntsman. Yes my fellow Twilight fans; when we all heard this it seemed unimaginable, unbelievable, something the tabloids made up to sell papers. But sadly we've all seen the pictures and been bombarded with the topic on all the entertainment shows on TV.

Many of us thought that this coupling was the greatest thing to happen ever since in the roles they portray of Bella and Edward Cullen, they were the perfect couple. But this is reality and there is no such thing as perfection. While I myself thought that this relationship would be the stuff of legend, we have to remember that most of what we come up with is our own fantasy and we all hate people that ruin our fantasy. But its not our right to hate Kristen Stewart when this is something that happened in their personal lives. Sure she put it out there for the public to know and while doing this embarrassing our beloved Rob, but I still won't feel sorry for him and this is why.

Even though what Kristen did is totally absent minded and to us unforgivable, Rob is a grown man that can think for himself and decide what he should do. First of all I would like to say kudos to him for moving out, even though it's his place, but it was a big step. He did what a lot of people don't have the back bone to do when something like this happens to them. Second kudos goes out to the way he has stayed out of the public eye and dealt with this situation privately. Sources say that he retreated to his friend and his former Water for Elephants co-star Reese Weatherspoon's vacation home there  he has stayed. If I were his friend I would offer him my home in Jamaica where no one would find him to ask stupid question, but I am not.

Robert Pattinson at Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Yesterday while I was home, I happened upon a new episode of the Daily Show.  Jon Stewart (no relation to KStew) went about his usual political banter and hinted at the fact that he might ask Rob about the whole situation. Finally when Rob did appear, he was handsome as ever and dressed to the nines. Even though telling from his eyes he seemed somewhat tired. He was on the show to speak about his new movie Cosmolopis, but we all could tell that Stewart had something up his sleeves. Out came the Ben & Jerry's ice cream, which had me laughing for a good ten minutes. Stewart asked Rob how he was dealing with the whole situation and Rob being the gentleman that he is dealt with the whole interview very handsomely. 

He even joked about being too cheap as to hire a publicist to write something for him as to not have the awkward interview moments. Rob and Jon laughed and eventually got around to talking about his movie. Jon who genuinely showed his concerned for Rob I believe; gave Rob what he needed, a interview that didn't grill him too much about the whole scandal and laughter.

Those are two examples of the reasons I won't feel sorry for Robert Pattinson. Robert not only has the love and support of all his Twilight fans, but he also have the support of people he has formed a connect with in his Hollywood life. They have all sent their support his way in dealing with the matter and I am sure in no time he will be on Ellen, who is a big Rob fan telling her how he is dealing with everything in more detail, because she always ask. But also you forget that Robert comes from a very loving family and in such matters that's who you need to have your back.

So while we all say all kinds of crap about Kristin Stewart, which I believe we shouldn't. Why? Do you ask. Well its because of this. If Robert Pattinson hasn't gone out there and called her all kinds of names under the sun then why is it your duty to do so. She didn't cheat on you or anyone that you personally know. I believe you should all take a page from Robert and be gentlemen or gentle-ladies and hold your tongue. It reminds me of when Bella kissed Jacob and was looking for Edward to scold her, but he didn't, even though we all knew he was hurt.

Robert Pattinson will bounce back from this. He still has his looks and he still has many years a head of him to fall for someone else. Maybe in time he will forgive KStew and maybe they  might get back together (and that's a big MAYBE), but for now I an honest Twilight fan. No and honest Robert Pattinson fan will go on supporting him and his career. Whatever happens in his personal life even though he is in Hollywood is none of my business and he seems to be doing okay to me. So I will say GO TEAM PATTINSON and end it there.

 Go see Comopolis...Out August 17th