Friday, October 19, 2012


So fanboys and fangirls New York Comic Con has come and gone for another year and there was much excitement and joy over the whole experience. I only got to go there on Sunday, but it was fun nonetheless. 
There were still tons of stars there Sunday that I could have meet such as Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy, Peter Davison aka the 5th Doctor Who and a bunch of others who names slip my mind at the moment. Sadly I really really did want to meet Peter Davison to see if he would run off with me in a TARDIS I found wondering around, but it would have cost me $40.00 to speak to the man and my pockets are still in a recession.

But either way I did have a lot of looking around and happen to run into some cool people, one of the real reasons I was there. Such all the masses where up top on the main floor of the Javits Center checking out the latest games and toys that are coming out for there favorite almost beaten dead series, but all the way in the back to what seems like the basement. There they stashed away all the artist and dubbed it Artist Alley. Mashed together at tables showing off their works of genius were some of the coolest artist out there. Sure I am not as big of a geek as I use to be so I can't even remember there names, but what I will tell you is from what I saw these people we the meaning of the word talent personified.

There were so many unique artist there drawing our favorite comic book characters there own way. It was great seem all the different ways Batman can look mean and awesome at the same time. But while I was down in artist alley, I had the chance to stop by the booths of 6 illustrators from the group Drink & Draw NYC.  Starting from left to right  let me introduce the talent. First is Javier Cruz Winnik, second N. Steven Harris, Sara Woolley, Daren Douglass, Khary Randolph and Wesley Gunn.

Ajala: A Series Of AdventuresEach of these wonderful artist stopped and took the time to take a pic for the blog site and to also tell me about projects that they were working on and personal projects that they are currently trying to promote.  N Steven Harris is currently working on his line of comics Ajala and The Fringe. These comics both feature strong black female characters at the heart of the story. I really look forward to reading these because since Storm I really haven't seen much black female superhero characters.

Next up is Khary Randolph; Khary continues to work on major comics such as Starborn, Charismagic, Static Shock and more. While at Comic Con I saw Khary drawing a new piece of an old favorite of mine and here is the finished product..BAM! Colossus and yes those are bullets bouncing of the man...I told you this man has skills. (For more on Khary check out my post Khary Randolph: An Artist Like No Other).

Los Pirineos Comp Book
Another cool artist I meet while I was at Comic Con was Sara Woolley. Sara is an amazing artist who draws characters and creatures that seem to come from dreams. Sara is not only an artist but a wonderful writer I got the chance to see Sara's book Los Pirineos. The book tells and an amazing story and even more amazing is that it is fully illustrated with beautiful eye catching drawings for young readers to look at. I am hoping that she finds a publisher soon so you can all see this amazing piece of work. For more information on Los Pirineos make sure you check out Sara's site. (Just click on her name)

Look out it's the Fat Ninja brought to you by no other than Wesley Gunn of Wesley Gunn Creative. Wesley like all the other illustrator is an accomplished artist who is out there doing his thing. His company Wesley Gunn Creative also know as WFCNY has worked for names that are known world wide such as Nickelodeon, ABC, DC Comics, and Image just to name a few. I recently check out Wesley's company's site WGCNY after meeting him at Comic Con and was totally amazed at all the things this brother is into. What really caught my eye on his site was the amazing Star Trek email design. I LOVE STAR TREK so this man gets 2 sexy green lady thumbs up. Also make sure to check out is latest venture Fat Ninja on iTunes

Last but not less Javier Cruz Winnik. Javier is an amazing artist that have drawn many a commission works for fans. This year was Javier's first year in Comic Con's Artist Alley and let me tell you the man fits right in. On display he had some amazing work. One of them that I really like was Superman vs. Goku. I really wonder who would win that match up. Javier is also working on a children's book, which I hope I get to see when he is finish so I can tell you about it. You can see more of Javier's amazing work at his DeviantArt page just click on the link and experience the magic Javier Cruz Winnik Deviantart Page.

All in all it was a great experience and meeting these artist from the first time 1 for the 3rd or 4th (Khary I don't know) was great. Hopefully next year they will all grace NYCC 2013 with their presence and amazing work. Well that's all for now make sure to check back later on PAGES for my Q & A with the artist themselves. I will also be posting the rest of the New York Comic Con pics on that page also.

(All images on this page are property of the artist-I thank them in advance for letting me use them)