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   Do you remember where you were when you first read these words " I'd never given much thought to how I would die"? I know where I was and I know what I was doing ever since. Twilight has been a large part of our lives over the years. Along side some of the great stories out there that have swallowed us up Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Although these books are not in the same league with each other they have played a major part in our lives. Twilight it self has spawned a following of fans that are the most loyal and probably the most crazy out there. But what I am wondering now is what will happened to all the Twihards, TwiMoms, and even the TwiDads & Twiguys out there after the last movie is released in November?

   We have all read the books more than once. I myself have read the series over twenty times and at each time I wish that it would never end. But sadly it did end and when I finished reading the books, I at least have the knowledge that the thought that there will be movies. Even sadder than the end of the books, we are at the end of all the movies. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is slated to be released in November. Little to say that like the other Twilight movies this movie will have a great opening which many will flock to go see. We were left with the scene of Bella finally becoming a true Cullen. She had cast off her human life for an immortal one with the love of her existence Edward. We were all in awe of that moment and were sad when the credits rolled. So once again my question that we all face now is what do we do when the last movie has hit the screens? Do we savior the  memories of forming bonds with total strangers over a beloved series? Do we remember the nights and even days that we stayed camped out to get tickets to see the movies, the stars? Those are all questions we have to think about.

   Sure at some point you turned to a new series of books that you think might fill you as when you read Edward's lines to Bella while he sat and told her "You are my life now", but those books I'm sure don't bring that feeling that first washed over you when you read those lines. Sure there are other young adult series where you find a similar love triangle Vampire Diaries is one of them, but I've watch the show and read some of the books and find that it didn't hold me like the romance, the action did in Twilight. I've even ventured into the adult vampire series and feel in love with Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. Mind you there is a true love in there, but this series takes the mystical out of the vampires and they are more like traditional vampires we are use to reading about.

   So what is out there for us when Twilight ends? I can honestly say I don't know. Sure after the movies have ended we will probably still have conventions and we will still see our beloved Twilight stars in many other roles, but it will never be the same. We are left with a gap in our lives that will eventually need to be filled. If you are a real Twihard you will know that Stephenie Meyer had the intention to release  Twilight the first book of the series from Edward's point of view but entitled  Midnight Sun. I know I was filled with joy when I heard this, but that joy was dashed when I visited Stephenie official site only to learn that some moron had leaked the partial draft Midnight Sun onto the Internet. This unthinkable action only crushed the dreams of Twilight fans, because Stephenie had lost her passion to write this book that would have given so much of us insist into our favorite brooding vampire and so the project is still on hold indefinitely. Fortunately she keep the leaked pages on her site, but it ends abruptly and leaves you with that large gap once again.
   So what to do? Well if your looking for something Twilight related to read and you haven't read the  The Short Second Short life of Bree Tanner than you need too. This fills in a lot of parts of the books we didn't know but only could guess. Also! If you are just reading more of Stephenie's work you can also read her book The Host. Unlike Twilight this book is more sci-fi aliens vs. human, but it does has a love triangle or I would say a quadrangle, but its written well and worth reading. Also like her other works this book is slated to be a movie which well be release March 29, 2013, so that's something to look forward too.

So my fellow Twihards, even though in November we will kiss Edward, Bella and the Cullen family goodbye. We will always have the memories of the time we spent wishing we could have been a part of that series for real. Plus you also have time to pine over when the DVD will be released (Which probably wont be until 2013) so that you can watch it over and over again. I'm sure we will have more than enough conventions to go too, but it will never be the same. So until November my fellow Twihards, read the series on more time saving Breaking Dawn til the very very end when it nears time to see the movie and relive the moments that you felt when you first fell in love with this series. If we are lucky maybe we will read how our favorite human/vampire child grows up, but until then read on.

P.S here is a pic of me and my favorite Cullen..Go Team Carlisle and here is a link to the latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

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   So what do you get when you cross the 1993 movie Body Snatchers with Twilight? Give up? You get Stephenie Meyers smash hit The Host. The Host is about a post colonized earth, where humans are implanted with a parasitic alien life form that erases the human personality and almost instantly takes our their bodies, making it their own. But the book isn't just about aliens seemingly wiping out the human population no its also about the friendship between a parasite (Wanderer) and her host (Melanie). The book gradually guides us through their friendship, and eventually how Wanderer who is later called Wanda in the book and Melanie grow to love each other and how Wanderer grows to love Melanie's family while leaving her own behind.

    First of all let me put this out there I am a big fan of the book. I think the story is great as it goes and the ethical and philosophical issues that the characters deal with are ones that make you think. But lets get a run down of this book. Wanderer the books unwilling/willing hero if you would call her that, is part of a race of parasitic alien that came to earth to take it over. Unlike all the movies we've watch when aliens come to our world to take it over they usually want to wipe humanity off the face of the earth, but this take over was very gradual and happened out of nowhere. From reading the book you learn that they didn't come to just take over our world but they also came to take over our lives. The thought of the parasite was that where ever they went they thought they made it better. They saw humanity as a violent, anger race of beings and in taking our lives over they were re-leaving us from that and also fixing the problems we'd cause the earth.

Stephenie Meyer's The Host
   When we first meet Wanderer she is being placed in her host Melanie to find out where she had came from and there were any other humans out there. Wanderer was chosen to be placed in Melanie because they thought she was strong and that she could retrieve the information that the Seekers (The bad guys in the a world of goodie goodie aliens) needed to find the rest of the human resistance if there was any out there to find. Little did Wanderer know that this host unlike other would not fade away so easy. Melanie puts up and insane fight to keep her self present. While Wanderer struggles to get rid of her, Melanie struggles to keep  Wanderer out of her thoughts.

   The first couple of chapters goes on like this. The struggle between Wanderer and Melanie and trying to deal  with the new fact that they shared a body and that Melanie had no plans on disappearing. Wanderer is then plagued by the Seeker each time trying to find out if Wanderer had accessed all of Melanie memories, but each time she is disappointed with the lack of information that Wanderer had for her. The Seeker also begins to suspect that there is something wrong with Wanderer. Skip a head a couple more chapters we find that Melanie bombards Wanderer with her emotions and memories of Jamie, her brother and Jared he love interest. By doing this Melanie had not only expose the fact that there are others our there but she has also cause Wanderer to fall in love with her family.

   As the story goes along we find Wanderer struggle with herself and her feelings. Having the dreams of Jamie and Jared she feels that she love them and wants to keep them safe from the Seeker. This is where Wanderer and Melanie from a sort of truce. Wanderer decided that because of the feelings that Melanie has forced on her she can no longer live with out Jared or Jamie and set out to find them. This is no easy task for Wanderer who has to elude the Seeker, who beings to suspect that Melanie's personality was too much of a challenge for Wanderer. She tells the Seeker that she is returning to the place she had be where is was implanted into Melanie, but this was a lie to throw the Seeker off. Wanderer along with her echo Melanie then venture out to find her brother Jamie and her love Jared to make sure they were safe and to keep a promise that she had made to them, which was to always come back.

   Wanderer succeeds in finding Jamie and Jared after almost dying out in the desert she is saved  by a crazy old gun togging man name Jeb, who turns out to be Melanie's uncle. Little to say Wanderers presences was shocking to the pack of human survivors in hiding. Wanderer is treated with suspicion and is even slapped around by many from the community. Eventually when she gets to see Jared even he lays his hands on her in and less than loving way. Melanie who is ever present in Wanderer's mind is relieved that Jared is a live and that means that her brother is also too, but fails to see that they were in great danger being there. Many of the survivors of humanity wanted to killer her, but she is once again saved by Jeb, who leaves the whole decision of killing Wanderer/Melanie up to Jared.

  Flash forward Jared never gets around to actually killing Wanderer/Melanie who in later chapters of the book is incorporated into their society. Even though she is not trusted by many in the community Jeb totes her around with him while he does his chores. Wanderer eventually tells Jeb her name and he gives her the name Wanda for short. Melanie and Wanda become closer as being around Jared brings out emotions that Wanda doesn't understand and that Melanie wish she didn't share with her.

  Skip a head a couple more chapters and we see the love triangle or should we say quadrangle begin. Jared starts getting closer to Wanda after he finds out that Melanie might still be in there. Wanting to know how she was feeling and other thoughts, Wanda serves and Melanie's mouth piece. But Ian one of the characters earlier in the chapters that was bent on having Wanderer killed eventually got use to having her around and develops feelings for her. This is a great source of tension in the book, because on one had the body that Wanderer inhabits belongs to that of Jared's girlfriend and at the same time Ian is also interested in the body but not Melanie.

  When we come to the action of the book what it mainly circles around is the Seeker that will just not give up on Wanderer. After she disappears the Seeker launches a search party to find her and the human survivors, but the search fails in the beginning. When she does eventually find the human survivors and Wanderer, she has already made it clear that she values the lives of Jamie, Jared, Ian, and the rest of the humans more than she valued her own. The survivors want to kill the Seeker because they believe there is no other way, but they live it up to Wanderer. Wanderer visits the Seeker to ask her why she wouldn't just live her be. Everyone else thought that she had died, but the Seeker went on. Not wanting the death of one of her kind Wanderer thinks of a way to save the Seeker and at the same time protect her now human family.

  Wanderer and Jared go on a raid for cryotanks that the parasite sleep in before they are implanted into a host. Wanderer teaches the character Doc, how to safely remove the silver little alien from its host without killing it or the host. After she shows him this Wanderer makes Doc promise to do the same to her and give Melanie back her body.

  To say the less this book is a great read if you love sci-fi romance, or any kind of romance at all. I skipped telling you a lot of the book because then you wouldn't really be interesting in reading it if you knew all of what happens. The book it self goes on for 52 chapters, but most of them are short and very enjoyable. There are parts of the book where you are face with philosophical questions about whether its okay to kill another being so that another can survive? Your also faced with the question of since the aliens took over there was no more crime, nor violence of any kind and the earth was much better off. So why would we want things to go back to the way it was.

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   This books is also a book about survival and friendship. The survival of the human race rest on the shoulders of this one alien and a band of humans that have grown to trust and even love her. The friendships that are form while Wanderer aka Wanda lives among the humans show that with time somethings can be overcome and even over looked. Living within Melanie's body Wanderer learns a lot about herself as and individual and what it really means to care about someone. Being away from her own species helps Wanderer come to the realization that even though her society was ideal it was not perfect. She also comes to think that maybe the colonization of the earth was a mistake due to the individuality of each being.

   Unlike her hit series The Twilight Saga this books is currently a one off. After it comes to its end we are only left to think what will happen to Wanderer and her human family. You might hope that they all survive and some sort of truce is brokered in the future and humans and alien live in peace, but this is humanity we are talking about. But once again this book is a great read. Happily like the rest of her books they are making it into a movie slated to be released March 2013. It would be very interesting to see who plays what character. So on the I love this book scale it gets a 9 out of 10, so go pick it up and start reading.

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  We've all been told its better to be skinny than it is to be fat. People who are larger in size have a lot of problems that comes with them being fat. You not only have to deal with how the public views you, you also have to deal with the health problems, and also the cost. Yes the cost! Having to by more food than a normal size person, having to pay for and extra sit a board an airplane, and also having to pay more for clothes. Why is it that in this economy people who are above a certain size have to pay more for the little things in life? Well the answer to that question is because we are large.

  I've always been a size 12, until recently I gave birth nine months ago and went from a size 12 to something between a size 16 and a size 18. Never did I ever thought I would get this big, but carrying a child changes your body a lot. I've been asked so many times when I was going to take the weight off? As it was something you can do over night. I've been told by my doctors to also lose the weight and have been placed on diets that just never work. The last diet I was on had me drinking vegetable soup for a week. Lets just say that too was a failure in the many diets that I've tried. But lets get back to the reason I'm talking about my size. Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! Why is that we have to pay more to dress?  and why don't some companies cater to larger size people. I guess its because we have more to cover.

business,currencies,dollars,monies,bills,commercial  The other day I went to my favorite store to get something clothes to start my new job. When I went there I was excited by what I saw and was eager to try on the things I like. Lets say everything was going fine until I tried to put on an extra large shirt and was stopped dead in my tracks. The shirt did not fit and they did not have a size large than that. Much to say I was very upset about this due to the fact that they carried pants from size 2 (who the hell wears a size 2) to size 18. So why wouldn't they carry a XXL size shirt? I can't for the life of me remember when a woman who is a size 18 fit in pants has ever just fit into and extra large shirt. I was intent on writing a note to the company about this, but then I thought to myself  they really wouldn't care since its all about the money. Making clothes that are about extra large cost more money.

  Yes making clothes that are larger than extra large cost more money.  The fact that they use more fabric and other materials to cloth larger people cost these companies money so some of them, I believe choose no to cater to larger people to keep money in their pockets. This shouldn't be so! With the on going expanding waist line of the American public you would think that some of these companies that sell clothes would by clothes that at least goes up to an 1XL. By not buying into the larger size groups they deny themselves potential customers that are welling to spend money to wear their clothes. But you might think wouldn't it just cost us anyway to wear their clothes since they would be passing on the extra they have to spend on us? Well yes and no. Yes it would cost the companies a little bit more to buy clothes that are above extra larger, but I feel that would be negated by the pure fact that they would increase their profits from the larger customer market they are now including.
But lets not through these clothing companies under the bus just yet also. The fact is making clothes for large size people even though it might be profitable for them in the long run, it comes with its difficulties. The main one being not all larger size people are shaped the same way. Many retail stores such as JC Penney, Sears, and Macy's carry a plus size section, but the selection is usually very limited to things that look like potato sacks. Being that people carry their weight in different areas of the body makes it hard to just make a size that fits perfectly.

So!!!! What I'm trying to say is that companies shouldn't just look at the bottom line which are their profits. They should also look at the fact that society is changing. There are more fat people in the United States than their are skinny people. About 60% of the U.S. population is either considered overweight or obese. The now average size of the American woman is now a size 14, two sizes smaller than my old size of size 12 which is also considered to be average. Taking the extra step to just include larger clothing for people of larger size will only open up more business for these companies. Hopefully companies are able to see the light at the end of the rainbow, when it comes to this topic and see that they are putting themselves out of making more money.

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New Spanish Edition of Throw It Back (A Very Short Pirate Story)

Exciting news!!! Available today on Amazon.com, author Shamara S. Davis has just published her hit short story Throw it Back (A very short pirate story) in Spanish. The Spanish edition of the story went on sale today on Amazon's website where you can find the English version.

The young author decided to publish a Spanish edition of her short story to gain a larger audience and to introduce herself to Spanish readers. When questioned Mrs. Davis had this to say about the release.

Tire hacia atrĂ¡s (Una historia de piratas muy corto) (Spanish Edition)"A writer shouldn't be limited to the language they were born with. If you feel that you have written something great or even remotely interesting and would like to share it with the world then by all means translate your work and see what a new audience has to say about it."

Mrs. Davis who is currently working on her third book to her series The Adventures of Marco and Carla, is pining over when to release the second book. When asked about the hesitation this is what she said

"Its scary putting a new book out there. The first book did not sell a lot of copies and that kinds of throws you off. You think whether or not people are going to like the second book and those that actually like the first one are they interested enough to come back and look at your second book."

With all this hesitation the young writer says she is excited either way to branch out to a new market and to test how this new edition does. Mrs. Davis also mentions that unlike the English edition of her short story, the Spanish edition comes with a few illustration done by herself.

Well here is to wishing her well and hopefully her new Spanish edition is a success.