Tuesday, July 24, 2012


   Do you remember where you were when you first read these words " I'd never given much thought to how I would die"? I know where I was and I know what I was doing ever since. Twilight has been a large part of our lives over the years. Along side some of the great stories out there that have swallowed us up Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Although these books are not in the same league with each other they have played a major part in our lives. Twilight it self has spawned a following of fans that are the most loyal and probably the most crazy out there. But what I am wondering now is what will happened to all the Twihards, TwiMoms, and even the TwiDads & Twiguys out there after the last movie is released in November?

   We have all read the books more than once. I myself have read the series over twenty times and at each time I wish that it would never end. But sadly it did end and when I finished reading the books, I at least have the knowledge that the thought that there will be movies. Even sadder than the end of the books, we are at the end of all the movies. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is slated to be released in November. Little to say that like the other Twilight movies this movie will have a great opening which many will flock to go see. We were left with the scene of Bella finally becoming a true Cullen. She had cast off her human life for an immortal one with the love of her existence Edward. We were all in awe of that moment and were sad when the credits rolled. So once again my question that we all face now is what do we do when the last movie has hit the screens? Do we savior the  memories of forming bonds with total strangers over a beloved series? Do we remember the nights and even days that we stayed camped out to get tickets to see the movies, the stars? Those are all questions we have to think about.

   Sure at some point you turned to a new series of books that you think might fill you as when you read Edward's lines to Bella while he sat and told her "You are my life now", but those books I'm sure don't bring that feeling that first washed over you when you read those lines. Sure there are other young adult series where you find a similar love triangle Vampire Diaries is one of them, but I've watch the show and read some of the books and find that it didn't hold me like the romance, the action did in Twilight. I've even ventured into the adult vampire series and feel in love with Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. Mind you there is a true love in there, but this series takes the mystical out of the vampires and they are more like traditional vampires we are use to reading about.

   So what is out there for us when Twilight ends? I can honestly say I don't know. Sure after the movies have ended we will probably still have conventions and we will still see our beloved Twilight stars in many other roles, but it will never be the same. We are left with a gap in our lives that will eventually need to be filled. If you are a real Twihard you will know that Stephenie Meyer had the intention to release  Twilight the first book of the series from Edward's point of view but entitled  Midnight Sun. I know I was filled with joy when I heard this, but that joy was dashed when I visited Stephenie official site only to learn that some moron had leaked the partial draft Midnight Sun onto the Internet. This unthinkable action only crushed the dreams of Twilight fans, because Stephenie had lost her passion to write this book that would have given so much of us insist into our favorite brooding vampire and so the project is still on hold indefinitely. Fortunately she keep the leaked pages on her site, but it ends abruptly and leaves you with that large gap once again.
   So what to do? Well if your looking for something Twilight related to read and you haven't read the  The Short Second Short life of Bree Tanner than you need too. This fills in a lot of parts of the books we didn't know but only could guess. Also! If you are just reading more of Stephenie's work you can also read her book The Host. Unlike Twilight this book is more sci-fi aliens vs. human, but it does has a love triangle or I would say a quadrangle, but its written well and worth reading. Also like her other works this book is slated to be a movie which well be release March 29, 2013, so that's something to look forward too.

So my fellow Twihards, even though in November we will kiss Edward, Bella and the Cullen family goodbye. We will always have the memories of the time we spent wishing we could have been a part of that series for real. Plus you also have time to pine over when the DVD will be released (Which probably wont be until 2013) so that you can watch it over and over again. I'm sure we will have more than enough conventions to go too, but it will never be the same. So until November my fellow Twihards, read the series on more time saving Breaking Dawn til the very very end when it nears time to see the movie and relive the moments that you felt when you first fell in love with this series. If we are lucky maybe we will read how our favorite human/vampire child grows up, but until then read on.

P.S here is a pic of me and my favorite Cullen..Go Team Carlisle and here is a link to the latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer