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Jamaica 2008
I am FREAKING excited....only today and tomorrow left to get through and I am finally finished with graduate school. This process has been such a long one for me. After getting laid off from my 2nd placed dream job( I worked at 4Kids, so free toy swag I miss you) it was time to get that 1st place dream job and since I enrolled in grad school in 2009 it's been nothing but a process. Getting into school, finding money to pay for it, getting accepted into the education program, taking a two semester break because I had a baby and almost paid for it with my life due to MORON MALE doctors (thanks to get Great female doctor who like totally saved me. Blood clots KILL), and now finally finally I am at the finish line.

I really can't wait to be a teacher, but I have two weeks off before school here in New York is back in session. So for the next two weeks I will be working on all the book/stories that I've started and haven't finished. Hopefully 2014 will see me publishing at least two books and a copy of short stories.

As hard as life is on me I feel time to time...It's totally moments like this where I am happy about who I am and what I've been through. I've written so many interesting stories that I've put out there for the world to see and I am glad that I feel I have more to give. Even if they aren't read, at myself in the mirror and say "Girlie, you did great. Now bust out that pen/pencil and write some more.

But enough of my rant. I will be pushing even harder now to get my projects done and finally finding a way greater way to promote myself as a writer. OH yeah so I've also totally decided to just stick to writing eBooks, due to the fact that I haven't... really sold anything on POD and plus I am trying to be GREEN regarding my publishing. But anyway THANKS for bearing with my barely there blog updates, but look forward to updates all new next week.

Anyway.....Catch you later and don't forget to visit me at and download one of my books.

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Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan. $7.99 from
THE FUTURE IS COMING...FOR SOME SOONER THAN OTHERS. All his life Ellis Rogers has played it safe and done the right thing. To find a cure for a terminal illness, he builds a time machine and if it works, he’ll face a world that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise -- but only if he can survive Hollow World.

Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria by Rahma Krambo. $4.99 from
In the wrong hands, some books can be dangerous—and some libraries can be positively deadly. A small town library cat and newly appointed Guardian of an ancient mystical book finds otherworldly creatures roaming through the stacks after hours. The young tabby is ill-prepared for the daunting task of safekeeping the magical book of power—as well as the very heart and soul of the library.

Mark of the Dragonfly by Bobbie Shafer. $3.99 from
Caleb is twelve years old the day the strange and incredible Professor Thaddeus Myrrdin Slimmerik appears. The Professor and his strange magical pocket watch turn the orphanage upside-down and inside-out and he whisks Caleb away to the land the boy once believed existed only in his imagination and dreams. Caleb discovers he is not who he thinks he is and his future is going be anything but normal.

Madame by Todd Cook. $3.99 from
For centuries, a preserve known as “The Royal Lands” was France’s version of “Area 51.” Soldiers guarded the perimeter, and only they and specially authorized royalty were allowed inside, but what was being kept there? Speculation ranged from military armaments to monsters. In 1718, young Jean du Vivier accepts a post inside The Royal Lands. What's inside is more horrifying than he can imagine.

The Fallen Princess (A Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery) by Sarah Woodbury. $4.99 from
Hallowmas 1144. The murdered body of Prince Hywel’s long lost cousin, a woman thought to have run away with a Dane five years earlier, turns up on a beach. The trail has long since gone cold until the investigation threatens to expose dangerous truths that everyone else from king to killer would prefer to keep buried. The Fallen Princess is the fourth Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery.

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So Christmas is almost upon us once again and you're thinking of gifts. Why not give that person you're thinking of some eBooks. Here are a couple of suggestions:

This is my latest books Practically Fiction. My first and only anthology at the moment. This books features ten short stories that I've written and have put out there individually, but to save time and effort I've place them all in one book

What Happened to Kerbie Walobee? was released earlier this year. 
It's a great books for preteens and young adults. Moving into a new town can bring all kinds of new adventures but sometimes those new things can get you into a lot of trouble.
 What Happened to Kerbie Walobee?

Another great books is from bestseller Rick Riordan: The House of Hades. If you're children are fans of Percy Jackson then they will love Riordan's latest book because I know I do. The book takes up where his previous work left off. Percy and Annabell are trapped in Tarterus and it's up to their friends to get them out.

 The House of Hades

One more from the works of Rick Riordan: The Son of Sobek. This short story introduces two of Riordan's  most popular characters, Carter Kane (Kane Chronicles) and Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) to each other. From the cover it looks extremely exciting and I would highly recommend it because I love this guys work.

A great series and so to be movie this
Divergent Series Complete Box Set would make an amazing gift for a teen-young adult reader. Also if they haven't already read the books or seen the last two movies The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset would also make an amazing gift. So if they enjoy distopia these are the books for you. Both are available on Amazon

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Hey All!!!

So you might be wondering what I've been doing all this time since I haven't updated the site in a while. I am very sorry for that since I remember me say that I would try and update it every two days, but that didn't work out, so now I am going to update you on my latest ADDICTION, which are Korean Dramedies.

Are you scratching your head asking "What's a Dramedy?" Well a dramedy is a combination of the word drama and comedy. Shows that have awesome comedic moments in them, but also drama like a soap opera, but without all the old bags. So for the past couple days I've been watching a lot of Korean dramedies on NETFLIX and they are so good. I didn't expect to get caught up in them but they get you so involved. Sure I am totally late since most of the series I am watching only had one season to tell the whole story an they were all aired between 2007-2010, but who cares if I am late to the party....At least I made it and here we go.

So here are all the ones I've viewed and a loved so far:

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho also known as My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox. This series had me laughing the whole time. The main characters featured in the picture to the right are played by Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-a. Lee Seung-gi character Cha Dae Woong gets into a crazy relationship with Mi Ho, Shin Min-a character after she saves him from getting hurt by a wild pig. Mi Ho's character becomes attach to Cha Dae and threatens to eat him if he didnt do what she ask. Over the series their relationship develops, but who is the handsome guy waiting in the lurches to steal Mi Ho from Cha Dae?

No Min-woo who plays Park Dong Joo is the other character that totally kept my attention the whole time in the series. Not only does his character have history with Mi Ho, but that history might lead to an end that you may not expect. So on a scale of 1 to 10 this show gets 7.5

Next is my other favorite Playful Kiss. This series follows a clumsy girl name Oh Ha-ni (Jung So-min) who is at the bottom of her class. She has the bad luck of falling for the best student in the school Baek Seung-jo (Kim Hyung-joong). But when she finally confesses her feelings for him he tells her that he doesn't like stupid girls.

This series was great to watch. Due to the fact that you would think after getting embrassed in front of the whole school that she and faith would give up on her love, but no. After her house is destroyed in an earthquake Oh Ha-ni and her father moves in with his long lost friend and his family.  To Oh Ha-ni's disbelief the eldest son of this family is none other than her extreme crush Baek Seung-jo. 

The drama between the two plays out well enough for you to stay interested to the very end to see what happens to them in the end. So on a scale of 1 this show got a 8

Next up is Boys Over Flowers 

I have to stay out of all of them I think this one is my ULTIMATE favorite and not because Kim Hyung-joong  is in it, but because the story has so many turns its totally crazy. Hardworking Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun) attends the exclusive Shinhwa High School by a scholarship she gets because of an incident. She finds her shallow, privileged classmates unbearable, especially the notorious F4. Rich, handsome, and arrogant, Goo Jun-pyo (Lee Min-ho), Yoon Ji-hoo (Kim Hyun-joong), So Yi-jung (Kim Bum), and Song Woo-bin (Kim Joon) are the kings of the school and no one, not even the teachers, dare challenge them. No one, that is, except Jan-di. Angry at their rudeness, Jan-di tells off F4 leader Jun-pyo, bringing a world of trouble upon herself. The proud and persistent Jun-pyo falls hard for feisty Jan-di, but she shares a connection with the quiet, sensitive Ji-hoo. On a scale of 1 to 10 this gets a 9

So I am currently watching You Are Beautiful

Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin-hye) stayed at an orphanage with her twin brother Go Mi Nam (Played by Park Shin-hye too) since childhood, when their father passed away. After her brother has become a music idol, now Mi Nyu with a name Gemma lived in junior nun dorm to reach her dream of nun. Her idol twin brother Mi Nam, successfully win the "A*N Entertaiment" vocal auditions for musical band "A*N.JELL", but Mi Nam must leave in order to correct his botched plastic surgery in United States. Ma Hoon Yi(Mi Nam's manager, played by Kim In Kwon) approaches Mi Nyu's/Gemma's to pose as Mi Nam while he recovers, Mi Nyu's/Gemma's is against it at first, but agrees in order to fulfill her way of finding their mother, Mi Nyu/Gemma's posing as Mi Nam join the band(A*N.JELL) and meets its members, that remembered her(Mi Nyu/Gemma) the three statue on junior nun dorm: Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk), Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong-hwa) and Jeremy (Lee Hongki).

This series is great so far and I can seriously give it a 10 out of 10. I love the drama between a four characters. Go Mi Nyu who plays her brother Go Ni Nam most of the series and Tae Kyung have and up and down relationship that isn't made any easier because Shi Woo and Jeremy falls for her after they learn she is a girl. But there is so much more drama behind this series and it keeps you laughing.

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First and foremost this movie was awesome. Of all the superheros Marvel has I have to say that Thor is in my top 5 male superheroes that I honestly LOVE and will spend money to go and see. Thor played by the awesome Chris Hemsworth is once again out not just to say Earth and his lady love Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), but all of the nine realms in this latest installment of the Norse Gods awesomeness. In this movie we meet a new foe of course the dark elf Malekith played by Christopher Eccleston (You might know him from a little BBC series call Doctor Who the 9th Doctor). Malekith sets out to bring back darkness to a world of light.

When in search of Thor, Jane finds an ancient evil said to be destroyed by Odin's father, but it isn't so. In a race against time Thor, reunites with troublesome brother to save the universe from darkness. 
This movie is well worth the money...I sat there in awww of the special effects, the magnificent shot of Asgard. If you haven't see Thor: The Dark World yet...You should. Why are you still reading this? Go and by your ticket NOW.

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So I wanted to share with you the new cover for my latest project. I know what you're saying "but La Luna or Shamara or Mrs. Davis, you didn't finish you other projects yet." OH WELL I'll get to it but I was so excited to be working on this (and you're saying what is THIS??) a compilation of all the things I've written so far. All the short stories I've posted and some of my other writings. So here it is :

So I don't know when I am going to be finished with this since I am backed up with a lot of my projects right now and there are new ones that are just buzzing around in my brain waiting for their turn to see themselves on paper. But for now I am just grabbing everything and putting it all together for your reading pleasure. So basically I am placing everything in one place to make sure that you can find whatever work I've done outside of my books. I have six weeks left of my Masters program and after that I am on the job hunt but I am free to do more writing, so I will be pushing hard to get everything done by the new year so look out 2014. But this should be done by the end of November.

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Hi Readers,

I just wanted to give you a quick  update...As you can see the sight hasn't been really updated as much as I use to update it, that's because I have been student teaching. For those that don't know what student teaching is, that is when they give you the student a chance to get in front of a class and teach whatever grade level you are getting your degree in for 1/2 a semester of full semester and gain the experience you need to become a teacher. far I have finished 1/2 of my student teaching and I am currently on my second half here at a high school in Brooklyn, NY. I must say that I had a great experience with the students at BECS which is the Junior High I started at. I learned a lot about myself there as a teacher and I will never forget it or them. But anyway back to the site. I am hoping to at least update the site every two days or so with new books for you to check out and to let you know about any new book releases from me (Shamara Davis). Make sure to stop by my Facebook sight and look for information regarding my books or just to see info about the books I've already published at 

I hope that you all enjoy whatever your currently reading and I look forward to linking you up with great novels, short stories, and other things of interest. 

Before I go here is another book that you should check out: HOMECOMING: A WEREWOLF THANKSGIVING STORY BY RUSTY FISCHER


It’s Thanksgiving and all Sarah and her Mom want to do is celebrate the holiday in peace. But that peace is shattered when Sarah’s sister, Shannon, shows up, a fugitive from the The Research Facility for Lycan Readjustment and Reprogramming, better known as Werewolf Rehab. Just like that, Thanksgiving dinner turns into a fight for survival.



I must say in advance that people will be annoyed with the lead character because me being who I am I kept saying why doesn't he say something, why doesn't he do something, but when you look back at it you see that he is just a kid that no one really pays much mind too and he doesn't get the support from those around them that he should get. But going to a different environment he finds this support in people the rest of his community looks down on. 

This was a great book to read. I started reading it because I had to read it with the 8th grade class that I was leading, but I finished the book in advance to create questions for them to answer and test their knowledge of the reading. I must say that I really liked it because it taught all kinds of lessons, such as sticking up for yourself, speaking out when you see something that is unjust done, and doing the right thing and sticking up for people you consider your friends. I think that anyone that wants to show their students that it isn't always easy doing to right thing, but in the end it pays off should read/teach this book.

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DESCRIPTION: Be careful with what you find at sea, it may turn into your worst nightmare. Throw It Back is the story of Morgan, a young man in Port Royal, Jamaica, desperate to escape his small, boring town. Little does Morgan know that the treasure he thinks will get him out, will instead send him into a world of bad dreams and a mysterious fog.


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I've recently published an in-depth Q&A interview at Smashwords, and invite you my blog readers to comment and suggest additional questions you'd like to see answered in my interview. Make sure to check it out at Shamara S. Davis interview


Last month a published a really short story entitled Burdened, which was the story of a woman name Emily. Here is the description: Emily is tired of it all. Feeling dejected she decides to commit the ultimate sin. Can the Doc save her from herself or will it be too late?

Well happy to say that Burdened has become my #1 most downloaded story since I've been writing. With 120 downloads (which might not be a lot to some) it's something for this young writer to celebrate. If you haven't already read Burdened what are you waiting for? It's only about a 10-15 minute read. Click on the link BURDENED



Extended description

13 year old twins Michael and Michele, just moved to Eerie, Indiana. On their first day of school they meet Tyler and Cherie. They tell them that they live on Cleaver Lane in the white house with the red door. But what Cherie say's next changes everything.

"Since you’re new here you wouldn't know anything about this. They said that some people disappeared from that house." This is what Michael and Michele are told about their new home. What makes it more interesting is the journal they found of a boy that once lived there.

Caught up in the excitement of the journal. Michael, Michele, Tyler, and Cherie want to know what happened to Kerbie Walobee? Trying to solve a 40 year old mystery the children put themselves on a road to danger they may not escape. from.


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Today we have a guest post from a wonderful indie writer. She is currently on her tour blog to promote and her  books. Please let me introduce you to author Mia Darien.

I love writing.

I hate writing.

Honestly, aside from my child, my writing life is one of the most rewarding and frustrating things I've ever known. There are some stories that just flow from you and take almost no effort at all. Others have to be wrestled with and dragged forth, word by word, with blood, sweat, and a lot of cursing and keyboard bashing. Unfortunately, being hard to write doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

In fact, sometimes hard means it needs to be told.

"Written All Over Her" is the fourth full book in the Adelheid series. Every book in the series is written in First Person, but the narrator changes from book to book. So while we met Detective Nykk Marlowe in book one, and saw her in the subsequent two, book four was the first time she was narrating. And she was a very difficult character to write for.

To fully understand why, you need to read the book. I don't want to spoil anything for those who will, but suffice it to say--and one could glean this from her earlier appearances in the series--she's had a hard life. Something remarkably traumatic led to terrible, strange looking scars on the left side of her face and a flat, cold demeanor.

It's the demeanor that was challenging. I had to write her still engaging enough to maintain my readers, but be true to the character I created. To write her story out, both what happened in the past and in the present, and be earnest in that. To show how the case in the book effects her, slowly weighs her down. To be truthful to what someone who'd undergone her trauma would feel and be like, while maintaining entertaining fiction.
Not to mention this was more of a police procedural, with me wanting to be as true to source as possible, and also show a serial killer at work while trying to not get too dark or too gruesome. This book had me toeing a lot of lines.

But that didn't mean I shouldn't write it. One important theme in every book, whether mine or anyone else's, is in showing your character against adversity. My characters always get beaten down, but they fight it and discover what they're really made of. Nykk had been beaten down pretty far, and long before the plot line began, so it was even more important for me to show her story and to show her fighting; being strong. 

Biography: Mia Darien is an indie author of speculative fiction, and a New England Yankee transplanted into Alabama clay. No matter her geography, she continues to stubbornly and rebelliously live the life of her choosing along with her family and pets. She doesn’t miss the snow.

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Hate and greed knows no boundaries in the lives of many. The branches of a family tree are often broken by the murderous connections of those around them. An inheritance is stolen, voices are heard, women are hunted, revenge is sought, and vows are broken. 

These six short stories, plus two bonus excerpts of novellas, illustrate that connection of hate and how family can be the deadliest of all. The saying of “blood is thicker than water” has no meaning within the lives of these families.


"If you like zombies, action and humor, crack a beer, pull up a bar stool, and prepare for one wild ride."

Charlie Campbell was your average, balding, thirty-year-old alcoholic with a dead-end job and a penchant for shambling through life one mistake after another. However, none of that mattered following the sudden arrival of a mysterious sickness that brought with it infected mobs of zombie-like creatures thirsting for the flesh of the living.

Trapped in a Chicago apartment the morning after a raucous bachelor party, Charlie and his old fraternity buddies must battle for survival against the cannibalistic horde, a military invasion and their own rampant stupidity. 

With supplies, common sense and brain cells dwindling by the hour, the motley crew — including a racist cop, a Sri Lankan used car salesman, a stoner landlord and a pet raccoon — must pull out all the stops to avoid joining the ranks of the dead.



So lately you've probably noticed that I've been putting a up a lot of book promos on the site, well that's because I am trying to expose my readers, browsers,  and my stop and take a look and keep on going, audience to some really good indie authors out there. All of the authors that I have been doing book promos for a self published authors like myself who I believe need all the exposure they can get so people can see their work and see that you have so great stuff out there.

Nowadays everyone is hitched on to one author or another and I feel like people don't take the time to look at up and coming talent. So what if they aren't part of some big name publishing house that doesn't mean their work is lacking. So please make sure to check out the pages of these find writers and give them a chance and a read. If you do get one of their books and enjoy it make sure to leave them a review to let others know what you've discovered.

Here's to hoping that you find something you like and don't forget to check out my new book over at or





It's the things you see out of the corner of your eye that scare you the most.

I never believed in demons until I saw one myself. It scared me to death. I don't remember much...except the cold. It surprised me. You'd think a hell being would be warm, but the only thing I felt was cold.

This is the story of how I survived.

Check out THE SHADOWS at


Coming in September 2013

Life was bad enough for twins, Cora and Viola Daniels, when suddenly their world was turned upside down. 

When Liam Anderson shows up to save Cora and Viola from their situation, and to bring them back into their true family fold, Cora knows that there’s something special about him. 

As she and her twin are being chased down by their, now former, guardians, Cora is finding out more and more about herself that she knew nothing about. Suddenly, they have loving parents, bound powers and a prophecy to fulfill, but first they have to find their soul mates that will help them through it all. All of this has to take place before their 18th birthday, which is only six months away.

Check out CHERYL DAVIS Facebook page to learn more about her upcoming book.


JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a na├»ve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max, becomes embroiled in the search. 

Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.

Get Judgement of Souls at and make sure to check out the Judgement of Souls Facebook page. 



Fight for what you love with Kaleia in "Fighting The Current".

Seventeen-year-old Kaleia lives in a small town on the northern shore of Oahu, Hawaii. To avoid constant tension at home from her cold-hearted aunt and meek mother, she spends most of her time with her "true" family: her two best friends, Hayden and Kane, and her beloved mentor, Kekoa. Together they enjoy the vast expanses of shoreline, surfing and appreciating the beauty of the island. 

Kaleia feels as if nothing could harm her makeshift family.However, the summer before her senior year of high school, a series of unsettling events shifts the sand beneath her feet, forcing her to lose her stable footing. A recurring nightmare about her real father, a man her mother and aunt refuse to talk about, starts to plague Kaleia again, reminding her that a part of her is always missing. An art contest—her only way to afford college—has a fast-approaching deadline, though she is hesitant to enter. Unfamiliar feelings surface when Hayden returns home from vacation. To make matters worse, Kekoa suffers a stroke and ends up fighting for his life in the hospital.

As Kaleia tries to overcome the rough waves life has tossed at her, a shocking secret leaves her flailing in the aftermath. In order to survive, she must fight the rough current and summon her inner strength to face her fears, her past, and her future.

Get Fighting the Current at

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Fight for your survival with Kiah in "Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey: The Quadrant War"

Sixteen-year-old Kiah and her family struggle to survive in this dystopian society, formerly known as the United States of America. Citizens experience extreme loss and devastation, and Kiah is no exception. Although she doesn't grasp the reasons for The Quadrant War, she clearly understands the impacts of the war. 

Hope of peace and freedom is nonexistent, until Kiah begins to view her soul-shifting ability as a source of powerful guidance rather than just something else that makes her awkward. 

With the help of her first love, she's on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Soul-shifting reveals important knowledge that sometimes comforts her and at other times terrifies her. Will Kiah fall prey to the overseer and his forces, or will she triumph and see her life and the lives around her changed forever?


Get caught up in Beneath the Scars

Tom sat at the beach feeling blue. It was the only place that he went to sit and relax and let his tensions drift away. He sat and watched a young woman playing in the ocean. He admired her gorgeous figure and the way she stood in the water getting her jeans wet. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She didn’t have a care in the world. April let the water splash over her feet. It felt as if the little splashes were cleansing her. She slowly made her way back to her vehicle.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of the gent sitting on the bench. He spoke to her as she walked by. She answered his question but slurred and wasn’t clear. He took offence and commented. He was abrupt and abrasive. Only when the wind suddenly came up and her fringe flapped in the air did he realize what a big mistake he had made. Tom felt awful. He had to apologize. All it took was a little apology and life for both Tom and April changed.

Get Beneath The Scars at

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.


Looking for a long read then this is the series for you. Nature Abhors A Vacuum: Book One of The Aielund Saga.

Description: For Aiden Wainwright, a short trip to the nearby town of Bracksford was supposed to be an opportunity for continuing his research into the arcane. But unfortunate circumstances see the town gates closed for weeks, and with supplies running low, Aiden finds himself thrust into the role of town saviour.

 Together with an old friend of dubious character, a drunken ranger on the edge, and a church acolyte out of her depth, he sets out to fill the vacuum of power left by the absent King’s army, and deal with a rapidly escalating situation that threatens the security of the entire land, while uncovering the mysteries behind his own past.