Monday, August 12, 2013


Today we have a guest post from a wonderful indie writer. She is currently on her tour blog to promote and her  books. Please let me introduce you to author Mia Darien.

I love writing.

I hate writing.

Honestly, aside from my child, my writing life is one of the most rewarding and frustrating things I've ever known. There are some stories that just flow from you and take almost no effort at all. Others have to be wrestled with and dragged forth, word by word, with blood, sweat, and a lot of cursing and keyboard bashing. Unfortunately, being hard to write doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

In fact, sometimes hard means it needs to be told.

"Written All Over Her" is the fourth full book in the Adelheid series. Every book in the series is written in First Person, but the narrator changes from book to book. So while we met Detective Nykk Marlowe in book one, and saw her in the subsequent two, book four was the first time she was narrating. And she was a very difficult character to write for.

To fully understand why, you need to read the book. I don't want to spoil anything for those who will, but suffice it to say--and one could glean this from her earlier appearances in the series--she's had a hard life. Something remarkably traumatic led to terrible, strange looking scars on the left side of her face and a flat, cold demeanor.

It's the demeanor that was challenging. I had to write her still engaging enough to maintain my readers, but be true to the character I created. To write her story out, both what happened in the past and in the present, and be earnest in that. To show how the case in the book effects her, slowly weighs her down. To be truthful to what someone who'd undergone her trauma would feel and be like, while maintaining entertaining fiction.
Not to mention this was more of a police procedural, with me wanting to be as true to source as possible, and also show a serial killer at work while trying to not get too dark or too gruesome. This book had me toeing a lot of lines.

But that didn't mean I shouldn't write it. One important theme in every book, whether mine or anyone else's, is in showing your character against adversity. My characters always get beaten down, but they fight it and discover what they're really made of. Nykk had been beaten down pretty far, and long before the plot line began, so it was even more important for me to show her story and to show her fighting; being strong. 

Biography: Mia Darien is an indie author of speculative fiction, and a New England Yankee transplanted into Alabama clay. No matter her geography, she continues to stubbornly and rebelliously live the life of her choosing along with her family and pets. She doesn’t miss the snow.

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