Tuesday, June 12, 2012


  Being a new mother I can say is one of the scariest things in the world. You are now in charge of a new life. You are charged with the responsibility of making sure he/she is feed, cleaned, entertained and every need taken care of. Mind you because of the demands being placed on you by your new little bundle of joy you might feel that you have no time for yourself, and I would say that your right! For the first few months of your baby's life, your life is no longer your own. You sleep when he/she sleeps, you eat when you have time to sneak it in, and you finally take a shower when he/she takes a long nap. But it gets better and its well worth it. Eventually your little bundle starts sleeping thought

  All of those demands and sleepless nights were something you thought you were prepared for, but when it finally came down to it you were totally wrong. Gone are helpful nurse's that would take your little one to the nursery when you wanted to take a nap. Gone are the extra helpful hands that would give your little one his/her bath. Now that you are at home your on your home. Sure you  might have help for a few days from family members, but those family members aren't there every day and you will need help and information when issues arise. When your child is sick where do you look for information on what to do? Should you take he/she to the doctor's? If he/she is crying too much is that a sign that something is wrong? These are all the questions that plaque new mothers and new fathers.

  When I had my child I thought I was prepared and thought I knew what to expect, but boy was I wrong. It's not as easy as it appears on TV. Watching a lot of "Bringing home Baby" on TLC made me thing I was prepared, but like I said I was wrong. Luckily I had my mother and my husband to help me with the baby, but when they weren't around I was on my own on figuring things out. One can never really be prepared for a baby unless you've have a couple years of experience under your belt. But this article is for new and expecting moms the ones that think they know what to expect, but don't think of the unexpected.

  In this article I've looked up a variety of books and websites that I believe are great reads for any new or expecting moms. These books and websites contain information that can help you answer questions that you just can't answer yourself. Having information on hand gives a new mother a sense of relief when she is able to identify what is plaguing her new baby and what actions she can take to easy his or her pain. Also having information about the stages of your pregnancy helps make an expecting mother feel even closer to her future child.

The first website that I suggest a expecting or new mother get familiar with is BabyCenter.com. This website helped me out a lot when I was pregnant with my child. Laced with information about pregnancy from start to finish, this site goes on the whole journey of your pregnancy with you. When you sign up you are sent information about each stage of your pregnancy. They inform you of what to expect as each month goes by, the changes your body will go through and they even show you illustration of how your unborn baby looks while in the womb. This site is also great after the birth of your child. Not only does it tracks your child progression, you have a accurate time line of your child's age. You can also research all kind of information on the site and read answers posted by doctors and also other mothers.

  Another great website is www.Thebump.com, like Baby Center, this website offers you a host of information on what to expect when your pregnant and also what to expect when your a new mother. Both of the sites are very similar and come with a lot of tools to help you along your pregnancy and to also answer those questions you've been thinking about. The bump also offers you a host of websites that you can do your shopping for your little one and much more.

  One of the first books any mom should be checking out is a baby naming book. It can be really hard to find the name you would like to pin to your child. Many parents go with names that are in the family and some even make up names that they thing are unique and whimsical, but you have to think of the long run. When your child starts to understand his or her name will they think its unique? Will they think that its whimsical? Also you have to think whether or not this name is going to give your a child hard time later in life when he starts school or tries to apply for a job. A name is a very important part of a persons identity, when you look into naming your child make sure that its a name that he or she doesn't have to pronounce to everyone over and over again. Also make sure its something that has meaning behind it. Speaking of meaning, you should also look up the meaning of the name you want to place on your child just so you don't name them something insulting. A great book to check out is Bruce Lansky's  Very Best Baby Names In The Whole Wide World. This book is filled with thousands of names, a long with their meaning which will make it easy for you to decide. Bruce Lansky has many other baby books out there since he is the number # 1 author of baby naming books in North America.

  For those that don't feel like reading though a baby book, you have the option of going on line and Googling a baby names and a host of websites would be presented to you. Each website may contain the same baby names, but from what I've seen some of them have different meanings for some names. But a great baby naming site is Babynames.com. I love the site. Not only does it gives you the meaning of you potential child's name, but it als give you the origin of the name. I recently looked my own names up and found that a combination of my last and first name meant Fennel Trader. So you see why it's important to look up your child's name.

  Many of you many not know who Dr. Spock was, but hear are two names that you might want to get familiar with William and Martha Sears. Authors of The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, these two professionals also with two of their sons, who are also doctors have broken it down for mothers and provided their knowledge of of proper infant care. This is an updated version of their 1993 book which was a guide to attachment parenting. This book might not be for all expecting and new moms, but if your going to be one of those moms that wants to follow the attachment parenting path this book is for you. William Sears is a pediatrician and Martha Sears is a registered nurse. They have eight children and in this book they bring all their experiences for you to read and try in your life as a parent. 

For those that aren't going with the attachment parenting, don't worry there are many books out there that gives you the run down from pregnancy to birth. Here are a couple of titles you many want to look up:The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: The Ultimate Guide to Conception, Birth, and Everything In Between by Ann Douglas; Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Aubery and Nancy Mitchell.

Once again these are just some suggestions. Books and websites can't answer all your questions nor can they diagnose if there is something physically wrong with your or your baby. These books and websites are here to only help with some of the small stuff. Its up to you to determine whether or not a name is great of your baby or not. It's also up to you to determine whether or not the way you are raising your young one is the right way. When it comes to parenting there really isn't a book out there that can really help you. New parent should always be mindful of what they do when it comes to their young ones and take it one day at a time and ask for help when you feel its needed. 

If you pick up any of the books that I spoke about let me know what you think of them but leaving me a comment on this post. Enjoy the read.