Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello readers. Just a quick post to let you know that I survived a long with my family this annoying supposed hurricane. I am originally from Jamaica and this was more of a tropical storm than a hurricane. But none the less this natural disaster came and took lives not only here in The United States, but also in Jamaica and the Bahamas where it started out. My prayers go out to the people back in my home country and to those here in the US that have lost people. Also I just wanted to post a picture of what outside of my house looked like. I live a cross the street from a stream if you can call it that and this thing turned into a monster and destroyed a lot of property.


That happens to be my backyard and the last pic on the right hand side my front yard. I would say it was about 4 to 5 feet of water that was out there. The water came rushing down the street taking with it trees, cars, and whatever else was out there last night. A lot of people are without power and I am very thankful I am not one of them. But since the basement was flooded I am without hot water which isn't so bad considering what else could have happened.

Many hospitals and other places had to evacuate patients. Once again my heart and prayers go out to them that they are all safe and that no one lost their lives during transport.

I thank everyone for keeping us here on the east coast in your thoughts. Now all we have to do is clean up our state and get the city that never sleeps back on its feet. I have lost two days of work ergo two days of wages so this Sandy was a pain in the you know what. Thank you once again for keeping us in your thoughts.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So the other day while I was at New York Comic Con, I happened to wonder by the Random House booth and looked over the books that they were showing off. To my joy they were giving away advanced readers copies. This is the copy that the publisher puts out there I guess to test the waters. Well I got an advance readers copy of a new young adult novel slated to be released in February 2013 it's called DUALED by Elise Chapman  the first novel by the author.

Okay so here is my sweet intro..

Imagine a world ravaged by a vaccine everyone thought would help. The United States a long with many other countries are plugged into war. But there is a haven, a protectorate named Kersh. Kersh is free of war but keeps soldiers at its boarders at all time, but there is a dark side to living in Kersh. Everyone in Kersh is born with a double called an Alternate. For you to stay in Kersh you have to prove that you're worthy, and the way to prove you're worthy is by finding and killing your Alt before your twentieth birthday.

Safety and peace has it's price and this is what everyone who is of selection age must pay.

Dualed is the story of a young woman coming of age. Fifteen year old West Grayer has trained as a fighter like all the other children in Kersh. West awaits the day she gets her assignment and is able to finally be "complete". West is confident in herself, until a tragic mistake shakes her confidence and now she doesn't know if she is worthy. Shaken West takes off, but if she is to survive, she must stop running and face her Alt, but she must also face the love she is trying to leave behind.

So here are my thoughts on DUALED.

First of all I love the idea of it. Running around life knowing that out there in another sector there is someone who looks exactly like you, but for you to survive you have to kill the other. When I started reading the book the first couple pages grabbed me and I was like okay this seems really great, but then the story started to drag a little, but don't worry that doesn't last for long. 

The main character West Grayer is likable, because she is like every girl out there well besides the fact she can probably kill you. Confident about herself until, something happened to shake that confidence and now she's totally on the fence about herself and the decisions she make. She is the only surviving member of her family which makes you want to like the character more. That she is in this environment having to face this big situation, killing her Alt pushes the characters appearance of being tough but at the same time kind of soft.

We meet a lot of other characters through out the story and her love interest is what saves West's character from coming off like a totally annoyance.

(Question: If you've already read this book AND I've check Goodreads a lot have doesn't it kinda reminds you of Hunger Games except you're not killing others just basically yourself?)

Dualed is filled with action, suspense and even some romance. It might take a while getting there but I think it's worth the wait. So on the La Luna Reader scale I give DUALED 8.5 out of 10. Even though I found myself struggling to get to the end the last couple chapters made up for it.  For more information on DUALED check out Random House, Inc..

Happy Reading.

Friday, October 19, 2012


So fanboys and fangirls New York Comic Con has come and gone for another year and there was much excitement and joy over the whole experience. I only got to go there on Sunday, but it was fun nonetheless. 
There were still tons of stars there Sunday that I could have meet such as Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy, Peter Davison aka the 5th Doctor Who and a bunch of others who names slip my mind at the moment. Sadly I really really did want to meet Peter Davison to see if he would run off with me in a TARDIS I found wondering around, but it would have cost me $40.00 to speak to the man and my pockets are still in a recession.

But either way I did have a lot of looking around and happen to run into some cool people, one of the real reasons I was there. Such all the masses where up top on the main floor of the Javits Center checking out the latest games and toys that are coming out for there favorite almost beaten dead series, but all the way in the back to what seems like the basement. There they stashed away all the artist and dubbed it Artist Alley. Mashed together at tables showing off their works of genius were some of the coolest artist out there. Sure I am not as big of a geek as I use to be so I can't even remember there names, but what I will tell you is from what I saw these people we the meaning of the word talent personified.

There were so many unique artist there drawing our favorite comic book characters there own way. It was great seem all the different ways Batman can look mean and awesome at the same time. But while I was down in artist alley, I had the chance to stop by the booths of 6 illustrators from the group Drink & Draw NYC.  Starting from left to right  let me introduce the talent. First is Javier Cruz Winnik, second N. Steven Harris, Sara Woolley, Daren Douglass, Khary Randolph and Wesley Gunn.

Ajala: A Series Of AdventuresEach of these wonderful artist stopped and took the time to take a pic for the blog site and to also tell me about projects that they were working on and personal projects that they are currently trying to promote.  N Steven Harris is currently working on his line of comics Ajala and The Fringe. These comics both feature strong black female characters at the heart of the story. I really look forward to reading these because since Storm I really haven't seen much black female superhero characters.

Next up is Khary Randolph; Khary continues to work on major comics such as Starborn, Charismagic, Static Shock and more. While at Comic Con I saw Khary drawing a new piece of an old favorite of mine and here is the finished product..BAM! Colossus and yes those are bullets bouncing of the man...I told you this man has skills. (For more on Khary check out my post Khary Randolph: An Artist Like No Other).

Los Pirineos Comp Book
Another cool artist I meet while I was at Comic Con was Sara Woolley. Sara is an amazing artist who draws characters and creatures that seem to come from dreams. Sara is not only an artist but a wonderful writer I got the chance to see Sara's book Los Pirineos. The book tells and an amazing story and even more amazing is that it is fully illustrated with beautiful eye catching drawings for young readers to look at. I am hoping that she finds a publisher soon so you can all see this amazing piece of work. For more information on Los Pirineos make sure you check out Sara's site. (Just click on her name)

Look out it's the Fat Ninja brought to you by no other than Wesley Gunn of Wesley Gunn Creative. Wesley like all the other illustrator is an accomplished artist who is out there doing his thing. His company Wesley Gunn Creative also know as WFCNY has worked for names that are known world wide such as Nickelodeon, ABC, DC Comics, and Image just to name a few. I recently check out Wesley's company's site WGCNY after meeting him at Comic Con and was totally amazed at all the things this brother is into. What really caught my eye on his site was the amazing Star Trek email design. I LOVE STAR TREK so this man gets 2 sexy green lady thumbs up. Also make sure to check out is latest venture Fat Ninja on iTunes

Last but not less Javier Cruz Winnik. Javier is an amazing artist that have drawn many a commission works for fans. This year was Javier's first year in Comic Con's Artist Alley and let me tell you the man fits right in. On display he had some amazing work. One of them that I really like was Superman vs. Goku. I really wonder who would win that match up. Javier is also working on a children's book, which I hope I get to see when he is finish so I can tell you about it. You can see more of Javier's amazing work at his DeviantArt page just click on the link and experience the magic Javier Cruz Winnik Deviantart Page.

All in all it was a great experience and meeting these artist from the first time 1 for the 3rd or 4th (Khary I don't know) was great. Hopefully next year they will all grace NYCC 2013 with their presence and amazing work. Well that's all for now make sure to check back later on PAGES for my Q & A with the artist themselves. I will also be posting the rest of the New York Comic Con pics on that page also.

(All images on this page are property of the artist-I thank them in advance for letting me use them)

Monday, October 15, 2012


So after a long day of New York Comic Con, I rushed home to go do laundry and get all that stuff out of the way so that there was nothing stopping me from watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Mine you when I got home it was 7:30 PM so I had more than enough free time to get myself pumped up to see some zombie butt kicking. So here is my recap of the season premiere if you missed it our if you're one those persons that have Dish and can no longer see it (sucks to be you).

Well after seating through the last episode from last season, the premiere started with a bang. The survivors think about whether or not they can still trust Rick after he revealed that he killed Shane. I for one do not miss Shane since he  was  jerk and the ever plotting liar. Anyway so they manage to make it to a not so abandon home and comes across two zombies who they readily take out. They search the house for food and come up empty (unless you count the dog food Rick's son fines as food) and don't know know it as soon as they thought they could rest for a little while here come our dead friends.

Leaving the group from a second we see Andrea running through the woods followed by a ton of zombies. Last season I remember wanting her to die so badly due to the fact that she let herself get fooled by Shane (idiot) but whatever. So after running for what seems like forever she eventually crumbs due to fatigue and is about to be chewed on by some large walking corpse when she is saved by (drum roll please) Michonne. Michonne who's character appearances with her signature two walking handbags (2 zombies that are said to be her ex and his best-friend and that sweet as sword of hers comes into play finally . Michonne rescues Andrea from being eaten (which I believe sooner or later she will regret) and the both of them hide out in a small town so Andrea has time to recover.

Back to the group. So Rick leads them to a prison where they take out the zombies walking around in the courtyard. They all sit around a fire talking with the exception of Rick who can't stand to be around his "wife" Lori (I wonder why?). He eventually joins them, and tells them they the next day they would try to make it in to the prison. After explaining his plan he soon leaves and goes back on guard duty.

They brace themselves to make it into the prison. When they get through the gates they come upon a large number of zombies. Due to Rick's quick thinking they didn't have to fight those flesh eaters off, but had to deal with the dead person guards. The guards were still decked out in riot gear and were a little harder to kill until on of them discovers if I stab him in the face and drive the knife to his brain he will dead. So after they conquered that they make it into the prison and for once had a secure place to sleep; little do they know it they will soon regret that.

The group decides to search the prison to try and find food and medicine. Rick tells them that they have to stick together. While exploring the prison they run into some zombies and Glenn and Maggie get cornered and had to take cover in closet. Rick notice that they were missing and decide that they had to go back for them. While searching for them Hershel pushes a head and does not do the one thing you must always do when in a place over run with zombies, which is check to see if the body lying in your way is actually dead. Due to the fact Hershel neglected this he got a chunk of his leg ripped out by zombie teeth. ( I guess he didn't see Welcome to Zombieland-Double tap fool one of the rules man.)

Rick and the others come to his rescue and take him to a secured room where Rick ends up hacking Hershel's leg off to save him, bet you he wish he was dead when that was happening. To the survivors surprise there in the room where they were now taking refuge were prisoner who had survived the assault on the prison. Everyone looks stunned. The End

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Khary Randolph 
We all have our favorite things to look at and admirer. I myself I like looking at drawings and colorful things. Yes, I like Vincent Van Goff, Leonardo Da Vinici, and all those other artist. But since the day I saw this artist work and yes that what he is an artist even though he is classified as an illustrator. I've been enthralled by the way he brings simple illustrations to life and how all his work seem to speak volumes. You might ask who is this person I am speaking of ? 

Well if you've watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen Titans, or the Boondocks, or ever picked up a comic book or just seen some really cool poster for a comic that you want to read but haven't gotten the chance too maybe this artist drew that cover. I'm talking about Khary Randolph. This Boston transplant has been drawing in New York city for the last 10 years. He has had his hand in bring to life a lot of great comics out there and has worked for some of the top companies in the comic book industry, Boom Comics, Marvel and DC Comics just to name a few.

Cover by Khary Randolph
Khary a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, work is some of the best I've seen. He has left his make on a couple of well known and beloved properties such as Spiderman, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Boondocks,Teen Titans and even The Adventures of Spawn.  His latest comic illustration work Charismagic,  Fanboys vs. Zombies, and not to mention Starborn and Static Shock are great hit with comic book fans. With the great artwork that he produces every issue no wonder so many praise his talents.

Khary also worked on a series of characters for the game Chaotic which was released by 4Kids Entertainment Inc. The elaborate characters what he had to draw were amazing. Working at 4Kids I got a first (Well somewhat first) look at the cards when they came out and was amazed by the imagery. If only it has translated that well to the cartoon, it would probably have been a bigger success story.

Khary also have his own series of books of original sketches dubbed Pimpjooze. Filled with beautiful sketches of the female characters both sexy and powerful they show a wide array of Khary's appreciation for everything female in this series of books. The book also features sketches of characters that are a large part of the comic book universe such as Wolverine. Also featured in the book are never before seen unpublished artwork and commission stuff that he has worked on.

Static X cover by Khary Randolph
Besides all the comic book, TV, and commercial work Khary does, he also host a form call Drink & Draw, where he along with a lot of New York based illustrators (artist) get together and have a great time doing what they love drawing. The Drink and Draw groups meet Wednesday each month and information for the event is post of the Drink and Draw Facebook page which is ran by Khary. You don't have to be the greatest illustrator in the world to attend the events. I myself regularly (thanks be to Khary) am invited even though I lack all these illustrators skills. If your an illustrator and looking for a great group to draw with look up the Drink and Draw group on Facebook.

Also a long tunes of other blessed artist, Khary will be attending New York Comic Con this week which starts October 11th- 14th, 2012. So if your attending this years Comic Con make sure to stop by Artist Alley where all the great illustrators and comic book related individuals are station and check out his art work he will be stationed at Booth CC2. You should also pick up a copy of Pimpjooze 7 which is available on his site and probably at Comic Con and all his other works, and see what all the buzz it about.

To check out some of Khary's work here are links to his DeviantArt page kharyrandolph.deviantart and his personal page Khary Randolph.

Thanks for reading enjoy.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Nickelodeon 2012 version

So the other day I wrote a post about 80's cartoons they should bring back and try not to mess up. In that post I happen to mention that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the shows they were already planning on revamping. Yes like so many others I was totally skeptical whether or not Nickelodeon could or would do a good job bringing back the iconic 80's action cartoon stars. When I saw the new art I was automatically putting this revamp in the garbage, due to the fact I grow up on the old turtles and the for years watched and worked with the 4kids Entertainment versions, but I must say I was totally wrong. 

4Kids Entertainment version
After watching the premiere this past weekend with my 10 month old son (who loved it by the way) it was good. Sure they aren't rough and worn like the turtles of old, but still they are the Turtles a younger version. In this version the Turtles are 15 years old even Splinter is younger by the looks of him and the fact he isn't walking around with his cane. The hour premiere had me laughing and thinking all at the same time. 

Donatello, Me, April, and Mikey @ 2009 Comic-Con 
I love the fact that the first enemy they face is Krang one of my favorite villains. They have just meet April O'neal who like the turtles is also younger. After trying to rescue her and her father from the Krangs they only manage to get April. 

At the end of the premiere we see a familiar figure who will surely make the Turtles life a little harder yes I am talking about their biggest enemy the Shedder. Hopefully since they are using villains that we know and love we will get to see Rock Stead and Bep Bop appear somewhere in this new series.

Honestly I am looking forward to seeing how this series plays out. It's a new  look for the Turtles for a new generation of kids who will hopefully be turtle lovers like a lot of us .

Some may not like the new look of the Turtles, but they have to bare with it. You can always go online and check out the older cartoon versions or pick up some old school comics if you can find them and relive their glory days. But this new series looks like it will be a hit with the young ones.

Well cowabunga dudes!!!
Gotta Rock the TMNT Hoodie