Monday, October 15, 2012


So after a long day of New York Comic Con, I rushed home to go do laundry and get all that stuff out of the way so that there was nothing stopping me from watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Mine you when I got home it was 7:30 PM so I had more than enough free time to get myself pumped up to see some zombie butt kicking. So here is my recap of the season premiere if you missed it our if you're one those persons that have Dish and can no longer see it (sucks to be you).

Well after seating through the last episode from last season, the premiere started with a bang. The survivors think about whether or not they can still trust Rick after he revealed that he killed Shane. I for one do not miss Shane since he  was  jerk and the ever plotting liar. Anyway so they manage to make it to a not so abandon home and comes across two zombies who they readily take out. They search the house for food and come up empty (unless you count the dog food Rick's son fines as food) and don't know know it as soon as they thought they could rest for a little while here come our dead friends.

Leaving the group from a second we see Andrea running through the woods followed by a ton of zombies. Last season I remember wanting her to die so badly due to the fact that she let herself get fooled by Shane (idiot) but whatever. So after running for what seems like forever she eventually crumbs due to fatigue and is about to be chewed on by some large walking corpse when she is saved by (drum roll please) Michonne. Michonne who's character appearances with her signature two walking handbags (2 zombies that are said to be her ex and his best-friend and that sweet as sword of hers comes into play finally . Michonne rescues Andrea from being eaten (which I believe sooner or later she will regret) and the both of them hide out in a small town so Andrea has time to recover.

Back to the group. So Rick leads them to a prison where they take out the zombies walking around in the courtyard. They all sit around a fire talking with the exception of Rick who can't stand to be around his "wife" Lori (I wonder why?). He eventually joins them, and tells them they the next day they would try to make it in to the prison. After explaining his plan he soon leaves and goes back on guard duty.

They brace themselves to make it into the prison. When they get through the gates they come upon a large number of zombies. Due to Rick's quick thinking they didn't have to fight those flesh eaters off, but had to deal with the dead person guards. The guards were still decked out in riot gear and were a little harder to kill until on of them discovers if I stab him in the face and drive the knife to his brain he will dead. So after they conquered that they make it into the prison and for once had a secure place to sleep; little do they know it they will soon regret that.

The group decides to search the prison to try and find food and medicine. Rick tells them that they have to stick together. While exploring the prison they run into some zombies and Glenn and Maggie get cornered and had to take cover in closet. Rick notice that they were missing and decide that they had to go back for them. While searching for them Hershel pushes a head and does not do the one thing you must always do when in a place over run with zombies, which is check to see if the body lying in your way is actually dead. Due to the fact Hershel neglected this he got a chunk of his leg ripped out by zombie teeth. ( I guess he didn't see Welcome to Zombieland-Double tap fool one of the rules man.)

Rick and the others come to his rescue and take him to a secured room where Rick ends up hacking Hershel's leg off to save him, bet you he wish he was dead when that was happening. To the survivors surprise there in the room where they were now taking refuge were prisoner who had survived the assault on the prison. Everyone looks stunned. The End