Monday, November 4, 2013



I must say in advance that people will be annoyed with the lead character because me being who I am I kept saying why doesn't he say something, why doesn't he do something, but when you look back at it you see that he is just a kid that no one really pays much mind too and he doesn't get the support from those around them that he should get. But going to a different environment he finds this support in people the rest of his community looks down on. 

This was a great book to read. I started reading it because I had to read it with the 8th grade class that I was leading, but I finished the book in advance to create questions for them to answer and test their knowledge of the reading. I must say that I really liked it because it taught all kinds of lessons, such as sticking up for yourself, speaking out when you see something that is unjust done, and doing the right thing and sticking up for people you consider your friends. I think that anyone that wants to show their students that it isn't always easy doing to right thing, but in the end it pays off should read/teach this book.