Friday, November 8, 2013


So I wanted to share with you the new cover for my latest project. I know what you're saying "but La Luna or Shamara or Mrs. Davis, you didn't finish you other projects yet." OH WELL I'll get to it but I was so excited to be working on this (and you're saying what is THIS??) a compilation of all the things I've written so far. All the short stories I've posted and some of my other writings. So here it is :

So I don't know when I am going to be finished with this since I am backed up with a lot of my projects right now and there are new ones that are just buzzing around in my brain waiting for their turn to see themselves on paper. But for now I am just grabbing everything and putting it all together for your reading pleasure. So basically I am placing everything in one place to make sure that you can find whatever work I've done outside of my books. I have six weeks left of my Masters program and after that I am on the job hunt but I am free to do more writing, so I will be pushing hard to get everything done by the new year so look out 2014. But this should be done by the end of November.