Monday, July 9, 2012

New Spanish Edition of Throw It Back (A Very Short Pirate Story)

Exciting news!!! Available today on, author Shamara S. Davis has just published her hit short story Throw it Back (A very short pirate story) in Spanish. The Spanish edition of the story went on sale today on Amazon's website where you can find the English version.

The young author decided to publish a Spanish edition of her short story to gain a larger audience and to introduce herself to Spanish readers. When questioned Mrs. Davis had this to say about the release.

Tire hacia atrĂ¡s (Una historia de piratas muy corto) (Spanish Edition)"A writer shouldn't be limited to the language they were born with. If you feel that you have written something great or even remotely interesting and would like to share it with the world then by all means translate your work and see what a new audience has to say about it."

Mrs. Davis who is currently working on her third book to her series The Adventures of Marco and Carla, is pining over when to release the second book. When asked about the hesitation this is what she said

"Its scary putting a new book out there. The first book did not sell a lot of copies and that kinds of throws you off. You think whether or not people are going to like the second book and those that actually like the first one are they interested enough to come back and look at your second book."

With all this hesitation the young writer says she is excited either way to branch out to a new market and to test how this new edition does. Mrs. Davis also mentions that unlike the English edition of her short story, the Spanish edition comes with a few illustration done by herself.

Well here is to wishing her well and hopefully her new Spanish edition is a success.