Monday, November 19, 2012


So yesterday  I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 again and it was just as spectacular as when I saw it on Friday. This time around I didn't go a lone; I took one of my friends with me that just happens to be a guy. Of course being a man he was really prepared to hate it and throw a bunch of criticism my way and at the movie about how much it sucks. On the train ride to the movies we spoke about tragic love you know Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet & Ophelia, Edward and Bella (yes there love is tragic in someway).

Well once we got to the movies were arrived a little too early and pass the time by browsing around my less favorite book store Barnes & Nobles. Being the NERDS that we are we spent most of the time talking about books that we are currently reading and books that we wish to read. Near the end of our lengthy conversation we ended up in my favorite part of the bookstore the Shakespeare section. We went through each of his plays saying which ones we've read and what we thought was good about it and what we thought about some of the characters.

Eventually we finally ended up at the movies and happily Breaking Dawn blow my friend again.  Here is what  he said to say

"So,I'm just coming back from watching breaking dawn part two, i must admit i went with much skepticism and expected to fall asleep early in the movie, i even bemoaned the fact that i left my book about allan greenspan i could've read while the expected snorefest was showing, i was rudely awaken, i was a pleasantly surprised  this could easily be called the movie of the year and will surprise anyone who goes to watch it, i encourage everyone to go out and see it and as soon as i can find someone to buy me a ticket I'm going again,lol its that good."

So ladies if you have a male friend that you want to take to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and they utterly refuse have them read this and give it a chance and see the look on there face when the movie is over and say "I TOLD YOU SOO!"