Friday, November 2, 2012


Expressing my appreciation for the GREATEST band around (What's your favorite 30 Second to Mars song?)

Okay so I've loved Jared Leto from the first moment I saw him on "My So Called Life". I was the only black chic in school rocking plaid because of him. After the series ended it was hard for me to find things he was in. Happily he did star well co-star in a couple movies that I watched with great enjoyment. But even though I love Jared as an actor, I love him more as the lead singer to what I am saying is the greatest band on earth 30 Seconds to Mars or even the greatest band in the galaxy.

After punching Jared's name in to my search bar for the millionth time, I found a link that lead me to the video  "The Kill" and man I could have died a happy woman that day. Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevi, and then band member Matt Wachter gave me something I was longing for, a band that had a message and that wasn't all about money and groupies. "The Kill" is still one of my favorite songs by the band, but happily they have pumped me full of great songs, like Fantasy, Hurricane, Kings and Queens, and This is War.  Sure there are a ton of other songs I can name that they have that I am in love with but, those are the ones that really really speak to me. (Also Beautiful Lie-can't forget that)

30 Seconds To Mars is a band that always carries the truth with them. In all their songs there is meaning behind the music. In there video for Beautiful Lie we were taught what was really going on in the north when it came to our polar ice caps. The band belted out lyrics while standing on out in the northern cold making us realize that people are willfully lying to  us about the condition of our planet and that we shouldn't believe what we are told so easily. When I saw this video not only was I sadden by the truth but also made aware that I needed to do more.

The bands passion for all things right has spawned a growing movement called the Echelon. This is the name followers of the band call themselves and I can gladly say that I consider myself in this family. The music and passion that the band puts out there pulls people of all walks of life around the world together. The Echelon consider themselves more of a family then just fans of the band. Many even say that the band has a cult like following and they don't deny it. Jared has stated that he does consider the Echelon somewhat of a cult because it's something special that it's not for everyone but only for those that understand.

The band has released 3 studio albums today and are currently working on the 4th. I like so many others out there are waiting patiently to see what amazing work they come out with next. I know for sure that it will carry a message in each and every song and probably knock you on your a** like all their other albums. I have a lot of things on my "things to do before I die list" and seeing 30 Seconds to Mars play live is one of them and above that meeting the band in person to thank them creating such soul shaking, thought provoking music.

So if you haven't heard 30 Seconds to Mars yet and you're reading this I will forgive you for leaving and checking them out or just click