Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So I found another reason that you should watch your back when it comes to the police. While reading the AM New York today, I came across the story of one Officer Gilberto Valle, 28. Valle was arrested for allegedly conspiring to kidnap, torture, cook and eat women. Yes you heard me cook and eat women. REALLY! Did Dunkin Donuts run out of food or something.

 Gilberto "Gil" Valle, an NYPD cop, from his Facebook page. Said to have planned the abducting of 100 women to eat them.
Valle, Via Facebook
Investigators discovered a filed on Valle's computer containing the names, addresses, and physical description of some of the women he had planned to have for dinner. It said that he even had some of them under surveillance, following from work to their homes.

Currently and thankfully Valle is behind bars. His attorney a woman nonetheless is appealing to get the 6 1/2 year police vet. out on bail. (It's been denied 2x) Of course Valle has plead not guilty to the charges and his lawyer claims he was all talk.

Really people of all the things that we have to watch out for in this world now you have to think whether or not the person you're suppose to get HELP from is going to eat us. As a woman I am happy that they are keeping him behind bars. We have heard too many stories of police officers doing things that doesn't fit the image of a protector of the innocent.

We stopped eating people a long time ago..Well some of us, but either way this is just some scary stuff man. I hope he doesn't like dark meat.