Friday, November 16, 2012


OMG! If you haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 there is something wrong with you. But let me start wit this: This was the best Twilight Saga movie...EVER EVER EVER

The movie opens up with a song we all know and love. I know when I here it, it makes me think about love and I don't me regular love I mean the love to end all love. I am to not going to tell you the song cause I hate spoilers.  As we all know by now Bella is a vampire and a beautiful  strong one at that. No matter what you think of Kristen Stewart, she acted the hell out of this role. Maybe it was because this was her last time being Bella, but who the hell care I am happy she did. She performed like never before, staying true to the emotions Bella poured out after her transformation.

Robert Pattinson was amazing as always. Playing the part of the loving father and husband, he made sure that we would never forget that he would always be Edward Cullen. The rest of the cast and the newcomers to the Twilight universe gave great performances and they were a blessing to watch.

I want to give kudos to Nikki Reed who really transform Roz from a totally you know what, to the best vampire aunt a young halfling could asked for. She did Roz justice in every way. The young girl that play Renesmee Mackenzie Foy was marvelous. She portrayed our beloved vampire child to the absolute T.

I will truly miss seeing Peter Facinelli as Daddy Cullen and I will miss Jackson Rathbone''s crooked Jasper smile. I am very sad the series is over and there will be more movies but I am truly happy they left us with something totally wonderful and something I can watch over, and over, and over you get the idea.

At the end of the movie everyone was cheering including myself and I can tell you I'm not a cheer kinda person. The movie is filled with suspense, comedy, action, and over all just amazing. When I was leaving I found myself singing the end song and felt sad and happy at the same time. This is absolutely the best Twilight Sage movie EVER and I recommend no I employ you to see it. If you don't I'm sorry you're not a really Twilight fan sorry.

I loved it and happily I have tickets to see it again on Sunday and it's well worth it.