Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We've all been battered by the on going coverage of the scandal that has rocked our faith in happily ever afters. Yes! You know what I am talking about. But if you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks let me remind you. It was announced that Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend of 3 years Robert Pattinson with a married man, who happened to be the director of her latest role Snow White and the Huntsman. Yes my fellow Twilight fans; when we all heard this it seemed unimaginable, unbelievable, something the tabloids made up to sell papers. But sadly we've all seen the pictures and been bombarded with the topic on all the entertainment shows on TV.

Many of us thought that this coupling was the greatest thing to happen ever since in the roles they portray of Bella and Edward Cullen, they were the perfect couple. But this is reality and there is no such thing as perfection. While I myself thought that this relationship would be the stuff of legend, we have to remember that most of what we come up with is our own fantasy and we all hate people that ruin our fantasy. But its not our right to hate Kristen Stewart when this is something that happened in their personal lives. Sure she put it out there for the public to know and while doing this embarrassing our beloved Rob, but I still won't feel sorry for him and this is why.

Even though what Kristen did is totally absent minded and to us unforgivable, Rob is a grown man that can think for himself and decide what he should do. First of all I would like to say kudos to him for moving out, even though it's his place, but it was a big step. He did what a lot of people don't have the back bone to do when something like this happens to them. Second kudos goes out to the way he has stayed out of the public eye and dealt with this situation privately. Sources say that he retreated to his friend and his former Water for Elephants co-star Reese Weatherspoon's vacation home there  he has stayed. If I were his friend I would offer him my home in Jamaica where no one would find him to ask stupid question, but I am not.

Robert Pattinson at Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Yesterday while I was home, I happened upon a new episode of the Daily Show.  Jon Stewart (no relation to KStew) went about his usual political banter and hinted at the fact that he might ask Rob about the whole situation. Finally when Rob did appear, he was handsome as ever and dressed to the nines. Even though telling from his eyes he seemed somewhat tired. He was on the show to speak about his new movie Cosmolopis, but we all could tell that Stewart had something up his sleeves. Out came the Ben & Jerry's ice cream, which had me laughing for a good ten minutes. Stewart asked Rob how he was dealing with the whole situation and Rob being the gentleman that he is dealt with the whole interview very handsomely. 

He even joked about being too cheap as to hire a publicist to write something for him as to not have the awkward interview moments. Rob and Jon laughed and eventually got around to talking about his movie. Jon who genuinely showed his concerned for Rob I believe; gave Rob what he needed, a interview that didn't grill him too much about the whole scandal and laughter.

Those are two examples of the reasons I won't feel sorry for Robert Pattinson. Robert not only has the love and support of all his Twilight fans, but he also have the support of people he has formed a connect with in his Hollywood life. They have all sent their support his way in dealing with the matter and I am sure in no time he will be on Ellen, who is a big Rob fan telling her how he is dealing with everything in more detail, because she always ask. But also you forget that Robert comes from a very loving family and in such matters that's who you need to have your back.

So while we all say all kinds of crap about Kristin Stewart, which I believe we shouldn't. Why? Do you ask. Well its because of this. If Robert Pattinson hasn't gone out there and called her all kinds of names under the sun then why is it your duty to do so. She didn't cheat on you or anyone that you personally know. I believe you should all take a page from Robert and be gentlemen or gentle-ladies and hold your tongue. It reminds me of when Bella kissed Jacob and was looking for Edward to scold her, but he didn't, even though we all knew he was hurt.

Robert Pattinson will bounce back from this. He still has his looks and he still has many years a head of him to fall for someone else. Maybe in time he will forgive KStew and maybe they  might get back together (and that's a big MAYBE), but for now I an honest Twilight fan. No and honest Robert Pattinson fan will go on supporting him and his career. Whatever happens in his personal life even though he is in Hollywood is none of my business and he seems to be doing okay to me. So I will say GO TEAM PATTINSON and end it there.

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