Friday, September 21, 2012


Silver Hawks, He-Man, Thunder-Cats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Smurfs are just a few names of cartoons that were popular in the 80's. I myself grew up watching all of these shows being a child of the 80's. So you think to yourself  why don't they bring these shows back? Well some of the shows that we have loved over the years have been brought back but unhappily a lot of them just plan SUCK.

One of my all time favorite shows growing up was Thunder Cats. Debuting in 1984 the story of a Lion-O and his loyal Thunderans was a tale of tragedy and an epic struggle to survive against the mutants Plun-Darr and the evils of Mumm-Ra The Every Living. After losing their home Thundera, the ThunderCats travel to third earth. While the rest of the ThunderCats sleep Jaga voluneeters to pilot the ship to the new planet. Sadly on the journey Jaga dies from old age but delivers the then sleeping Thunderans to Third Earth.The Thunderans awaken to find themselves on this new planet, but also that the young lord Lion-O's body had age and he was now a boy in a grown man's body. While on the new planets the ThunderCats befriend the natives who then help them build "Cat's Lair". Mumm-Ra senses the Eye of Thundera and wants it for himself to destroy the ThunderCats and rule Third Earth  unchallenged.

The series goes on good against evil. The original show ran from 1984-1989. It was then brought back in 2011. I must say I was totally excited by the thought that they were bring this classic back to TV, but I knew there would be a few upgrades. What I was no in store for were the down grades. 

Here are is everything I am happy with in the new verison.

1) Like its 80's predessor it is filled with a lot of action and a exciting story line.
2) Cheetra is given a lot of screen time and seems to be a large part of the story lines
3)They keep ALL the original characters

So that's what I am happy with. Here is what I am not happy with.

1) SNARF can't talk!!! Whats up with that? I know for fact that the reason I loved the character of Snarf so much was to hear all the witty banter that came out of his mouth. He was Lion-O point man and when Lion-O got in trouble Snarf was always there to turn tail and run to tell the others.
2) The story line seems to have changed or is it just me? The original ThunderCats escaped Thundera but in the new vision they seem to still be on Thundera and this is where the story takes place. Maybe it's me.
3) Lion-O is still a kid. Don't get me wrong I think its kind of cool that they kept him in kid from because it makes him lording over the rest of the ThunderCats, such a challenge and makes for great viewing, but I would have been happier with an adult Lion-O.
4) There was nothing wrong with the old theme song. Bring it back.

As soon as they fix those things I will be happy with the new version, until then they are still on my are you kidding me list. Also on my are you kidding me list Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. If you have seen the commercials you know what I am talking about. I know one of the artist who use to work on TMNT when it was then held by 4Kids Ent. the art work has totally gone blah. I don't know if they are just updating it for the kids, but it is totally lacking something, a whole a lot of things.

But that's enough of me are a pics of 5  shows that I wish they would bring back but try not to mess up. I know that you might have to change the story line a little to make more entertaining for today's generation but they must also remember to try and not to alienate the older 80's gen that made these shows such a success.

1) The Smurfs-This show is always a good laugh. They made a movie which I thought was okay. I believe you can still catch the 80's version on channel 125 which is Cartoon Networks Boomerang. But I would love for them to update it.

2) Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was and awesome show. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors on going fight against Saw Boss was great to watch.

3) He-Man I really don't have anything to say about this the show speaks for it self. But the word EPIC comes to mind...and awesome.

4)Silver Hawks awesome characters, great opening. I still want to know who played that guitar rift. Amazing.  Intergalactice police half human, half machine fighting against the evil Mon* Star The rights to the Silver Hawks is owned be Warner Bros. hopefully someone will be crazy enough to take a chance and bring it back.

5) WildFire...This one is my secret love...I know this was super girlie, but I could never get enough of this show. It was the only girlie show, besides Paw Paw Bears, Gummy Bears, and Pound Puppies, I swear.

So there you have it...The list of 5 shows I wish they would bring back and the one show that they did redo that I have issues with. Please be advice that ThunderCats isn't the only show out there that has be brought back for a new generation. Also out there is Voltron, Transformers, TMNT and I am not really happy with it.But we will save that for another rant.

Happy Reading.