Sunday, September 23, 2012


We all fear the dark. Now imagine a world where the lights have gone out for good. No one knows why. No one knows how it happened, but it just did. The governments are gone. The world is now ruled by the laws of the jungle. Only the strong can survive in this new unlit world. But there is a beacon of hope in the shape of an old looking necklace. This may be the salvation of mankind and a way back into the light.

The new Fall TV show Revolution on NBC looks like a great hit. We open with a family who are engrossed with technology, when all of a sudden when the lights go out. We jump a head 15 years later. America as we know it no longer exist. The government has been replaced by a brutal militia lead by General Monore that seeks to dominate all. But there is hope in a small town lives a man, a scientist by the name of Ben Matheson who may know why the lights went out and how to turn them back on. Matheson, is killed by the militia that was sent to capture him and his son taken.

With is last breath he changes his friend Aaron to protect a mysterious necklace and tell his daughter, Charlie Matheson one of the main characters to get her uncle Miles Matheson a former marine portrayed by Twilight star Billy Burke to rescue her brother Danny who was taken by the militia.

Charlie fines her uncle in Chicago serving as a bar keep. After she fines him she tries to talk him into helping her rescue her brother but he refuses. The group is betrayed and the militia attacks Mile's bar, but he with some help from his niece and her companions fight off the murderous group and begin their journey to rescue Danny and turn back on the lights.

So that in a nut shell is the first episode of Revolution and let me tell you I already like it. The thought of a future America where its every man, woman, and child for him or herself makes for great TV. The character of Charlie portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos (try saying that last name 5 times fast) is likable and strong. But who I am really impressed by is Billy Burke. After seeing him as Charlie, Bella Swan's father it's great to see Billy in a roll where he is kicking ass. But this isn't the only role where he plays a tough guy, he also plays a really good bad guy in Drive Angry. Burke plays a great tough guy in this new show.

So make sure to watch Revolution on NBC Mondays at 10PM. This show so far looks pretty good and delivers. It has action, drama, in a post apocalyptic background. So if you one of those people that always thinks what if the lights do go out this is the show for you.