Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Extended Description: It’s Thanksgiving and all Cassie wants to do is sit in her dorm room eating cheesy poofs and binge watching a Horror High marathon on HitFlix. That’s when Rex, one of the members of the Zombie Job Corps, shows up, wanting to clean her floor. With nothing better to do, Cassie helps him… and finds a friend for Thanksgiving break. And just in time, too, seeing as a zombie outbreak is starting and Cassie has to decide which side to fight for: the good zombies… or the bad!

Once while venturing through SmashworDs YA books, I found this amazing FREE short story, Zombie Thanksgiving by Rusty Fischer. First of all I have to say the story is well written and well paced. I thought it was going one way and then it took a left turn and that's when it gets good. Cassie seems to be the girl that I was in college which was somewhat of an out case. She doesn't think guys think of her as normal and through the story I thought well you aren't. 

Cassie meets Reggie who is a zombie that is still semi-human due to  a cure that the government finds after numerous zombie out breaks. What makes me think that she isn't normal is that fact that she is looking at him as someone she could date, which was also then funny and fun part of the book. While getting to know Reggie everything goes wrong, and now they are trying to survive. But there Reggie might not make it out "a live". At the end I felt I was cheated, since I wanted more. It's worth reading and exploring to see if Cassie and Reggie make it through this without behing harmed. Rusty Fischer wrote a really great zombie short and I thought it worth mentioning to the masses. But if you are a zombie fan and like Rusty's work after reading Zombie Thanksgiving, fear not he has a large amount of zombie stories available at

Learn more about the author and his work by visiting the link: Rusty Fischer Author Page and Book Info