Friday, July 26, 2013


So here is a new one for you guys that I literally just finished reading. Eternally Departed by Steph Anne is a different kind of vampire romance that leaves you going, now this is a story I can sink my teeth into. I know I'm cheesy, this story is worth the read. It's FREE on and when say it's good, it's good.

The main character Dustin is dealing with a lost, that has him totally alienating everyone around him. Grieving over the woman he loves leads him to a support group meeting for people like himself where he meets Jo who is mysterious and dealing with a lost of her own. After meeting Jo things get really interesting and that is where the story picks up.

The language that the author uses to express Dustin's grief gives the the character a life of its own. You feel for him and the relate to him over the situation that took him to this place. The story is very descriptive and I loved the fact that he isn't at all like the stereotypical vampires.

Eternally Departed is a great read and if your looking for something different to read this is a great pick. Check it out by clicking on the link: Eternally Departed