Thursday, May 9, 2013


So I noticed that I hadn't posted anything new about the movies I've seen in the past couple months, so I thought I would play catch up. Well here is a quick run down & review of what I've been watching the past couple months.


First up G.I. Joe Retaliation- I saw this in theaters a few weeks or maybe a month ago and while I was so happy there was another installment of the G.I. Joe movies I was shocked to see what they did in this one. First of  no one from the original cast was in the movie with the exception of Channing Tatum, which totally throw me off since the last movie really didn't kill of all the characters. In this version of G.I. Joe almost all the Joe's were wiped out including Tatum's character. Here is where I went mm, why didn't they bring back the original case and kill them off with Tatum? That would have kept things less confusing and it would have flowed better into the rest of the movie. So after the remaining surviving Joe's make it back to America they find out that it was their own government that had launched the attack on them and branded them terrorist. Well all is not as it may seem since the remaining Joe's lead by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seek help from the original  Joe himself portrayed by Bruce Willis. Together they uncover that the president of the US had been kidnapped by COBRA and replaced by Destro. For the rest of the movie they try to stop COBRA from blackmailing the rest of the world into submission. Sadly England didn't make it.  It's pack with some great fight scenes between Storm Shadow & Snakes Eyes and Dwayne gets to flex his muscle isn't that was we really watch for. Also RZA is in there....RZA!!! All in all I give this move a 7 out of 10.

The Host- Talk about a let down and a half. I looked forward for months to see this movie. Posting about it and hyping it up for everyone to see it (sorry people) just to be let down. The movie followed the book very well but something was totally lacking through out the whole movie. The casting of each other the characters was totally great. Saoirse Ronan who you might know from Hanna which she was amazing in, didn't shine so brightly in her duel role of  Wander/Melonie Stryder. The dialogue between the alien and human host was much more intense in the book and seemed really dry. Max Irons and Jake Abel who played the two men in love with the same body did a so-so great job. Max Irons in particular really was a bright spot for me in the movie. He played Jared really well especially when it came to the mean parts. Jake Abel was great in playing the alien hater-who later turns out to be a sweet softy towards Wander. I was happy that it came out as a movie, but disappointed at the same time. Rate 5 out of 10.

I finally got around to see Beautiful Creatures and I've seen so many interviews where the cast say it's not like Twilight...OH YES IT IS. The whole movie was more are less in that space with Twilight; Human falls in love with Supernatural being only thing that was different is that the supernatural being is a girl who happens to be a witch. All in all the love story that begins between the characters Ethan Wate and Lena Duchanneswas sweet but doomed from the start. Like we know most sups are not allowed to fall in love with humans and Lena and Ethan are no exception. They fall in love and due to the fact that Lena's family is somewhat crazy the love between them endangers Ethan's life. Lena who is approaching her birthday in the film is afraid that she is going to become evil and to save Ethan from the craziness that's happening around her she takes away his memory of them every meeting. Lena sees Ethan one more time before he is set to leave town, as Ethan starts to drive away he starts to remember Lena and gets out the car and yells her name. This movie wasn't a great as I thought it was going to be and I wasn't really surprised with how it played out. Rate 6 out of 10