Saturday, May 18, 2013


Omg that was totally mind blowing and they introduced the new Doctor.  First of all we learned all about Clara The impossible girl....Okay first and foremost I didn't like Clara for some reason I couldn't get use to her, but tonight's episode made me like her. Well just a little, I like her just a little. She leaps into the Doctor's timeline to save him and she gets mad points for that.

So now we know why she shorwed up all those times. I was a little upset and confused at the same time when River left, due to the fact that the show runners made it seem that River was going to be a part of this season, but seemingly they just brought her in to really  really kill her off. But what gets me is the introduction of the next Doctor. They decided to go old school on this and the great actor John Hurt is slated to be the next Doctor Who. November can't come fast enough.

I can definitely say that my mind is totally blown because of this episode man. I really can't wait til November because we get to see possibly the 10th, 11th, and the 12th in the 50th anniversary episode. I wonder how they are going to transition from Matt to John? Or was this only a hey John Hurt is a future Doctor not the 12th Doctor kind of thing.