Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So the other night I was searching around Netflix like I always do for something to watch, and that is a journey in it self. I went through all the anime like I always do, but you can only watch High School of the Dead, The Black Butler, and The Host Club so many times. Finally I decided to take a chance on a movie that I always saw but wrote off as not worth watch and boy was I wrong.

Marrying the Mafia II & III are by far two of the funniest movies I've seen on Netflix for as long as I've been a member. The two movies from South Korean were directed by Yong-ki Jeong and starred Shin Hyun-jun as the lead character Jang In-Jae who was born into a family of gangsters.

The Marrying the Mafia II follows Jang In-Jae as he tries to find himself and get out of the gangster life. But he also has another worry which is finding a girlfriend to appease his mother who is the Don. The comedy ensues after Jang In-Jae rescues the prosecutor for criminal cases Kim Jin-Kyung played by Kim Won Hee. Jang In-Jae falls for her since he looks so much like his late girlfriend. 

Jang In-Jae hides the fact that he is a gangster from Kim Jin-Kyung and tries to portray himself as a normal guy so that he could go out with Kim Jin Kyung. Well it doesn't work out that way and Kim Jin-Kyung finds out about Jang being a gangster and their relationship comes to a halt, until Jang decides to leave the gangster life behind only to be pushed back into it when a rival gang sets him up.

Marrying the Mafia III follows Jang-In Jae after he has left the gangster life and is now with Kim Jin Kyung. The movie continues to follow the relationship between the two lead characters and how Jang is settling into normal life, along with the rest of his former gangster brothers. The family is running a successful business only to have an old enemy pop up in pursuit of revenge.

I don't want to spoil the movies for you so I didn't tell you much. SO if you have Netflix this is a gem. The movie is of course in Korean so you have to read the subtitles. But the action and the comedy combination makes you forget all about the fact your reading. I give both Marrying the Mafia II & III a 7 out of 10.