Friday, March 15, 2013


So are you excited? Are you going crazy with anticipation? You're sitting there saying crazy over what? Well  HELLO! It's March which means in two more weeks our favorite Doctor will be back to pay us a visit. Yes on March 30th, Matt Smith resumes his role as out ever beloved 11th incarnation as Doctor Who. Last season we lost the beloved Ponds (Williams which ever you want to call them) and in December we got the Christmas special which showed us who the new companion was to be. So I am really excited to see what the season wholes for the Doctor and the search from his new companion Clara portrayed by actress Jenna Louis Coleman (she died like 2 times already and she wasn't even his companion yet). 
So I wonder what adventures will behold them...OMG I can't wait.

Another series I am excited to see return on March 31st @ 9PM is Game of Thrones. I can tell you that I am really excited because this season looks like it going to be crazy. Last season they left us with a bunch of crazy images. The dead walking towards the wall. I've been seeing Arya's face everywhere here in NYC and I love it because she is my favorite character (Can you tell I was a tom-boy). This season is side to be an exiting one with surprise deaths, wild weddings, and an angry bear??? Got me on that one. But since I've been all over the Internet looking for info 

I found this Entertainment Weekly cover that has me thinking in a lot of OMG  are they getting MARRIED. Now that would be wild and kind of crazy. But I am not going to speculate anything and like everyone else I will wait to see what they have in store for us. But if you can't wait here is a look at the extended trailer for this season. 

Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer