Friday, March 8, 2013


Greetings all. It's been a while,but I am back with a little story that I felt I need to tell. So 2013 started off nice and I have since gained some more weight since my first post. The battle with food continues and I for one am a true Jamaican-American, in other words I am a fighter. I decided that I am not going to let nature get the best of me. All the weight that I gained from having my child is still there staring me in the face, and boy does it look mean.

So you might be asking yourself "So what are you doing about it?" Well my lovely readers this mad fat woman has decided to kick the weigh off. Kick it off??? yes I said kick it off. I started taking kickboxing classes over a week ago and I can tell you if this doesn't get my booty back in shape then nothing will. I got tired of the same old gym routine and wanted something different. I thought since I do like hitting and punching things (No I am not crazy) why not kickboxing. So I looked up kickboxing studio online and Google gave me a lot of choices, plus I am in New York City so there is a kickboxing studio almost everywhere. But only one caught my eye IloveKickboxing is AWESOME.

IloveKickboxing was my first pick and they had a great deal, try 3 classes for $20 bucks and if you didn't like it they refund your money. Lets just say I really don't care if I see that $20 bucks every again because the place is totally worth it. The staff are friendly and very welcoming, the instructors are awesome and really into their work. The classes are filled with friendly people, so if you don't like meeting new people, I suggest getting private classes. From the first day I started my workout I was sweating like crazy. So for a whole hour you are working out. Running, jumping jacks, crunches, and after the warm up you get to the good stuff, which is beating up on a punching bag for the rest of the class.  Since I was a newbie I had to stay in the front of the class so that the instructor could tell me what to do, which I was totally fine with. I wasn't the only newbie, which made me happy. 

So far I've been doing great and I keep looking for changes, but I know that unless I change some of my routines eating wise I wont see any results. So this mad fat woman is going to change the way she eats so that this isn't a wasted effort. Hopefully I will shrink a few sizes by my birthday (GEMINI in the house) and I will gladly post some before and after pics, even through in previously I said could never. So to all the other MAD FAT WOMEN out there...Get yourself up and try a kickboxing class. You can try Ilovekickboxing and if you do let me know how much you love the class or if you barfed like the other newbie that I took class with. Well as I always say people happy reading and I will see you soon.