Saturday, March 30, 2013


SO! I watched the premiere of both Doctor Who and Orphan Black and I am impressed and at the same time totally skeptical. When they kindly killed off the Ponds I was totally like who are they going to get us to love? And is this new show even worth watching.

 First off Doctor Who. I like any other Whovian is totally elated at the return of my beloved Doctor. The first episode was a great concept that reminds me of the episode where River Sing got killed and placed in digital world of the library, but enough of that I just want to say that even though the episode was cool I am not liking the chemistry between the Doctor and his new companion Clara.

I know you're saying it's just the first episode, but with all the new companions you can automatically tell they are going to be a great match for our wonder man in the box. I didn't get this with the new companion at all. Fine yes yes I should wait a couple episodes before I judge but so far I am not on the boat. I will whoever be looking forward to the second episode ans see if I pick up on the love for the newbie to the time travel universe.

Orphan Black on the other hand had me totally hooked. I couldn't stop watching it because not only am I watching this show going omg, but it had the nerdy science part of my brain thinking about that nature vs. nature thing. But enough about that come on how the hell would you react seeing basically yourself get hit by a train; then come to fine out there is someone else that looks like you comes to you for help and ends up being killed in front of you? I think that this new show is going to be great and I can't wait to see the second episode.