Thursday, January 10, 2013


So the other day I decided to explore all the shows on Netflixs and found a bunch of shows that I really liked. But sadly almost all of them have been canceled which is a crime because they were really good and totally interesting.

1.) The first show I want to complain about is TORCHWOOD! First of all if you haven't seen this show you need to see it you will fall in love be you man or woman with Captain Jack Harkness and his team right away. So anyway after about 4 seasons Torchwood was placed on the back burner. If you don't know anything about Torchwood here is some short insight. Torchwood first made its appearance in Doctor Who as did Captain Jack. So everyone one loved Captain Jack and Torchwood became a spin off. I've watched all of seasons 1,2 ,3 and 4 (which you would have to stay up really late and find it on Showtime). Sadly I believe Torchwood got pushed to the side because the writer who writes the series also wrote the Doctor Who series so who knows if is ever coming back. I really hope it does because season 4 ended on a cliffhanger which I really hate when they cancel shows and leave you guessing.

2.) The Dresden Files now there was a good show. If you want to see what Harry Potter would have grown up to be if there was no Hogwarts and all that stuff and he was just a kid with magic. Dresden is centered around a wizard who goes around solving crimes and putting evil in it's place. Sadly Dresden only had 12 episodes before it was canceled which is a total crime, because the series would have done wonderfully I believe if given an actual chance. Happily Paul Blackthorne who played Dresden can now be seen on Arrow on the WB as Detective Quentin Lance.

3.) Moonlight was awesome it was an up to date version of Forever Knight. Detective Mick St. John is a vampire that was turned 50 years ago and he goes around helping people in need with his vampire abilities. Mick falls for a human woman and eventually she finds out what he is an accepts him. Yes it totally sounds like Forever Knight. Sadly this series only had 1 season which totally sucks. Alex O' Loughlin is by far one of the sexiest vampires to ever grace the TV screen. (Yes I know that currently Ian Somerhadler holds the title). But I wish someone would pick it back up. Alex has since moved on to playing a detective on the new Hawaii Five-O.

4.) So yeah it was a totally shocker when the Secret Circle got canceled. So I am guessing low ratings but for the most I really did enjoy the series and thought that it was actually going somewhere, but I guess the programmers at the WB saw it going in the trash...BOOOOO.

5.) Last but not lease the biggest cancellation that pissed me off was HEROES. That show was so damn good and they just up and canceled it without ending it properly. I know for a fact that Heroes was good and the story behind some of the characters got you attached to them and their stories. You wanted to know where they were going in the series and how things would turn out for them. I know I wanted to see if any of my favorite characters died and who they would save. But that's TV politics for you I believe it was the darn writers strike that killed this series a long with the programmers.