Tuesday, January 22, 2013


There are a lot of actors that have died far too young. They left an empty space that sometimes can never be filled by anyone new that comes a long. Being a old as I am I've read about the deaths of many a young actors that I really liked. River Phoenix, Jonathan Brandis, and most recently Brittany Murphy. The other night while trying to find something on that deplorable contraption called the cable box, I came a cross movie that I totally brushed off many a time as something not worth watching. That night I decided what the hell why not give it a chance. So I put my kid to bed and settled in to watch The Ramen Girl.

The Ramen Girl is one of Brittney Murphy's movies and I have to say besides her role in Clueless the character she played in the Ramen Girl is one I really liked. Abby moves to Japan to be with her boyfriend who soon then abandons her. Abby believes that he will return and stays in Japan, but we all know that he isn't coming back. Abby befriends some other foreigner and establish a relationship with them, but the meat of the movie isAbby journey into self confidence and into the realization that she is a complete wreck. 

She ends up at a ramen shop, where she meets Maezumi the owner of the ramen shop. Abby begs Maezumi to teach her how to make ramen, but he refuses at first, but her persistence pays off and he becomes her mentor. Maezumi changes Abby's life and she also in turn changes his. Abby learns to let go of herself and become a whole person, while Maezumi learns that he needs to forgive and let things go.

I must say I really liked this movie. It showed you the ups and downs of human life and what can be done when you work hard enough and reach from something that makes your life whole again. I believe this is one of the best movies I've seen Brittany Murphy in. Sure you can still hear her voice on old episodes of King of The Hill , but I believe she had more in her. The Ramen Girl provide that she could have done more.

All in all I give The Ramen Girl 3 1/2 Stars out of 5. If  you haven't seen it you should or if your not a big movie person see if there is a book.