Monday, January 28, 2013

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters B+

So the other day I  saw Hansel & Gretel and I must say I really enjoyed the new take on this old story. We start out with the traditional tale of Hansel & Gretel being left in the woods by their father. the children then wonder off into the woods and find a house made out of candy. They bang on the door to seek help only to encounter a ugly old witch that wanted them to stay for dinner.

I liked the movie because we get a grow up version of the tale, with more guts and gore, so if your not into exploding witches this isn't for you. Gretel portrayed Gemma Arterton gives a great performance as a kick ass witch hunter who due to their past run in with the witch in the forest has no love for those that practice the dark arts. Even though she dislikes witches she always wants proof before the sentence them to fire. Along with her brother portrayed by Jeremy Renner who also plays Hawkeye from the Avenger they come to a town where children are going missing and they have to save the day.

The movie has it's funny moments and of course there has to be a twist to the story in someway. I will leave you to find that you when you see the movie. The makeup on each of the witches is excellent and the actresses that played the witches did really being out their nasty to portray these evil hags. The fight senses are not what you expect because who knew witches knew Kung Fu...The weapons they use in the story are amazing I must say that I really do want Gretel's automatic crossbow.

So all in all I have Hansel & Gretel a B+. I did like it but I was looking for a little more action. If you like the retelling of Red Riding Hood then you will like this also.