Friday, April 26, 2013


 So the other day I started seeing commercial for this new series Hemlock Grove on Netflix, so I thought I would give it a chance. Well surprise, surprise after watching the first episode of the series I am totally hooked. Sure it's a little bit confusing when you start watching it since there are a lot of flash backs that has to fill you in  on why some of the characters are the way they are but it's totally worth it.

The series is based in a town where strange things are starting to happen after a teenage gypsy and his mother move in to town. Girls start dying in gruesome ways and everyone thinks it's a wild beast, but Roman Godfrey and his new gypsy friend Peter Rumancek know the truth. SO starts the hunt for the creature eating up all the pretty girls in town. But Peter has a secret that he has entrusted to Roman. But can he keep his friends secret while he is mentally breaking down? And with a federal agent on the case while Peter's secret as well as Roman's own be found out? In a town where everyone is keeping a secret when they all start digging what will they all find?

Hemlock Grove so far is a great series. I have watched 8 out of 13 episodes so far and it always leaves you wanting more. Mind you it's not just the eye candy in Landon Liborion and Bill Skarsgard (Yes Skarsgard-He is related to one sexy vampire) brother of Alexander Skarsgard that keeps me watching, but the series it self is totally entertaining and worth while. The plot of the show drives you to watch it because you want to know how things will turn out for the characters and what secret this town is hiding. 

Skarsgard's character Roman has to deal with being the "man" of his family while still being in high school and mentally dealing with the thought of what he really is. Roman see things in his dreams, dreams that he share to start with Peter Rumancek, his new Gypsy friend. Roman can feel that there is something coming but he can't explain it and hopes that being with Peter will help him figure things out.

You are introduced to a lot of character what you want to know even more: 

Peter Rumancek portrayed by Landon Liboiron is a character that you feel for. Living the gypsy life he never really had a friend and Roman is the first person that he really connects with, but at the same time he is told by his mother that he has to be wary of Roman because of what he is. Even though he is total this Peter entrust Roman with his greatest and most painful secret.

Roman's mother Olivia Godfrey is one of the most puzzling characters. Portrayed by Famke Janssen, you wanted to know what this woman is hiding. She watched her husband commit suicide and runs his company  that's conducting all kinds of experiments.

Less to say there isn't anyway you can't find a character that you wont love. Hemlock Grove is worth the watch and you should totally check it out. On my meter I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Happy watching.