Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So I am really really excited for this years Con. Why you make ask? Well for the share fact that last year I missed out on meeting a lot of really interested people and getting great pictures of the actors of the shows that I love. Well this year it will not be so! I've been checking the NYCC website off and on for the last couple of weeks to see has already said they would be there and I am totally drooling at the though of meeting two of the already confirmed guest.

So as for right now one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows will be gracing us with her presences. Yes I am talking about Eve Myles who plays Gwen Cooper on the BBC's TORCHWOOD. I love that show and I love her character because she gives the team feeling and she is a strong character that stands besides Captain Jack in the worst of things. So I am really happy that she will be at the Comic Con this year because I might get to ask her when they are going to start shooting Torchwood again? As you may or may not know after season four the show was placed on hold, which to me was just crushing. Happily Eve will be appearing all 3 days at the con so I am hoping that I can get a couple questions answered. Totally crossing my fingers for that.

Another fabulous lady scheduled to appear at Comic Con this year is the nerd queen herself Felicia Day. Felicia who has appeared in numerous shows, such as Eureka and my favorite Supernatural will be appearing there all 3 days and I am hoping to get the chance to meet her. Ms. Day who stars in the hit web series The Guild is an amazing talent who shines in all that she does. 

I am a really big fan of her website Geek & Sundry which features a lot of interesting news for all of nerd & geek kind. Not only does the site host Felicia's show The Guild, but it is also the home of TableTop which is hosted by my childhood crush Wil Wheaton (I really have to thank her for that). 

Anyway this fan girl will now shut up and update you readily on who will be appear at NYCC as the months go by and the even draws closer. Hopefully I can raise the funds needed to go to the even for 3 days. But here is my wish list of people I would love to see there this year yes most of them are men...but what do you expect.

Wil Wheaton
John Barrowman
David Tennent (the 10th Doctor Who)
The cast of Lost Girls
The cast of Supernatural

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)
Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
Chris Pine (Captain Kirk-Star Trek)
Karl Urban (Doctor McCoy-Star Trek)