Monday, February 10, 2014


So on Saturday I took my son to a birthday party for my friend's daughter and happened to bring one of my books, What Happened to Kerbie Walobee? which I gave to my friend's wife as a gift. After leaving the party and coming home my friend text me a few hours later to tell me that he was reading the book and he was interested in collaborating on a book with me...He's an illustrator by the way and I can't wait to work with him.

I think putting some artwork in your books bring it to life for your readers, if you're writing for children and also have a want to illustrate your work. They are able to see the image of the character that you've thought of; even though I think you should totally put the character a couple pages back so that they can build their own image and then let them see if what they thought of looks like what the artist drew.

Here is some of Ian Willis's work: (All rights to these pictures belong to the artist)....Ian has a degree in design and his work is amazing....Check it out