Saturday, February 8, 2014


Welcome to the Brotherhood of The Fringe....A great comic book drawn and written by N Steven Harris. Also the co-creator of AJALA, Harris is showing the complex and interesting stories independent black comic book creators have to offer against the mainstream. Join the fight and get lost in the adventure.


A nation has been occupied and colonized for 30 years. We focus on a young woman, named Jasira, native to the nation, who works as a journalist. The corporation that employs her is part of the colonial occupying power. Secretly, she works with a revolutionary group called the Fringe whose goal is to expel the invaders from their once proud and peaceful nation. Jasira is exposed as a spy and is apprehended, brainwashed, and transformed into a living weapon to be used to terrorize her own people and seek out and destroy the Fringe revolutionaries.

Brotherhood of the Fringe can be purchased directly while supplies last at:

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