Friday, June 21, 2013


Looking for a book with strong female characters? Then check out Billy Wong's Iron Bloom (Legend of the Iron Flower) on sale at AMAZON: IRON BLOOM (LEGEND OF THE IRON FLOWER

Over the top, fast and furious fantasy action with one of the toughest heroines you've ever seen!

The tale of an epic warrior torn between the power of the sword and her longing for a peaceful life.

A young woman with a kind heart and amazing resilience, Rose becomes a warrior thinking she can better the world. Despite the wealth and fame she wins as one of the greatest champions of her time, the bloody reality of her new life is nothing like her ideal dream. She yearns for a chance to escape the violence.

She finds that chance in Ethan, the leader of an altruistic pacifist group. But when a barbarian horde invades their kingdom, Rose knows that she could make a big difference by taking up her sword again. Will her need to protect her homeland cost her the man she loves?

A full length novel intended for both adults and older teens. First in the Iron Flower series.