Do you know who Sam and Dean are? Do you know what a Grimm is? Do you think you have to vampires in love with you? Well! If you have answered no to all of these questions then you are surely missing out. These questions are the bases of some of the hottest shows that are currently on TV. Supernatural, Grimm, Vampires Diaries, and True Blood have some of the largest and most loyal fans out there. So if you've been spending your nights flipping through channels thinking there nothing worth watching then you haven't been watching the right channels.


  On every Friday night on the WB that's channel 11 to those of us in New York area, Supernatural is an hour long TV show about the lives of two brothers. Sam and Dean Winchester, were raised by their father to be hunters of the supernatural after the death of their mother.  The brothers have had a long road in the series; after the mysterious disappearance of their father, Dean tracks Sam down to help in the search for him. Sam who is already invested in the college life and his girlfriend decided that he doesn't want to help his brother since he left the hunter lifestyle behind, but the evil that took his father finds him anyway.

 Sam's girlfriend is killed in the same fashion his mother was killed so many years ago and this gives him the motivation to go out on the road with his brother. The brothers eventually find their father, but he is killed by the same demon that killed their mother.  So now without their father the brothers track down and slay unruly spirits and kick all kinds of demon booty, with the help of their mentor slash father figure Bob Singer (Jim Beaver).

Currently in its 7th season on the WB, the show has been on air since 2005, so you need to catch up. Seasons 1-6 is available on DVD or you can watch episodes on the WB's website.  This 7th season has already started off with a bang. Heroes from the last season died and have come back in mysterious ways to help the brothers fight the Leviathans. An ancient evil that was sealed in purgatory until they were unwittingly released by an angel gone rogue. So the brothers are out to find away to fight off this new evil and you can be sure that this season will be a killer.


Grimm is the new kid on the block. This show is only in its second season but one can see why that its so additive, Airing in the same time slot as Supernatural on Fridays at 9PM this show gives you some supernatural without the ghost and demons. Based in modern day Portland, Oregon the main character of the show is Nick, who happens to be a police officer, inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures. Nick's family has a secret one that isn't revealed to him until his mysterious aunt comes to town.

 While visiting Nick, she is attacked by a mysterious figure. Nick kills his aunts attacker, but she ended up in the hospital where she is attacked once again. Nick starts to see things, people momentarily transforming into monster. Nick couldn't make heads of tails of what was going on until his aunt informs him that he is a Grimm. So Nick tries to juggle being a police officer and a protector of the balance between humanity and the supernatural.

Nick tries his best to keep everything at bay working along side his human partner Hank, he solves crimes that look cut and dry. But when it comes to those that look out of the ordinary he works along side his trusted ally Monroe, who is also one of the supernatural.

Vampire Diaries

Among one of the hottest vampire series on TV today, Vampire Diaries does not let you down. Trapped between the love of two brother Elena tries to make the right decision, but it seems her decisions always end up getting someone hurt. This series features a love triangle between Elena and the two Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan.

If vampires aren't to your liking don't worry this show is filled with a little of everything. Elena's best friend Bonnie turns out to be a powerful witch. Her friend Tyler turns out to  be a werewolf, and her brother Jeremy can see the dead. If one of these characters and the drama that surrounds them doesn't get you hooked then you are hopeless.

The show is based off a successful series of teen vampire novels, so if your a reader you can always pick the book up at your local Barns & Nobles or you can download the ebook. Either way if you watch the TV show or read the books on get left out of the loop. The 3rd season is almost over so you will have the whole summer to catch up on the series.

True Blood (Not for children or anyone younger than 18)

If you haven't heard anyone say "Sookie is mine!", I want to know where the heck have you been. Based on the successful Sookie Stackhouse series by author Charlaine Harris, True Blood has sparked its own following. The series revolves around the happens of the life of a small town waitress name Sookie Stackhouse. But Sookie is anything but ordinary. Sookie comes to the rescue of a vampire that was being attacked in the parking lot of Merlotte's where is works. The vampire she saves turns out to be Bill Compton, who ends up coming to Sookie's rescue after the same attackers seek revenge against her.

Tasting Sookie's blood, Bill ask Sookie what she is and she reveals to him that she is physic, but can only hear the thoughts of humans. Sookie starts to like Bill for this reason and as the series goes on they fall in love. The series gets more complicated as it goes a long. With the introduction of werewolves, witches, and all of other supernatural beings that were thought to be only fair tale. Currently the series airs on HBO and is showing episodes of season 4 over again. So for those that need to catch up go buy season 1-4 on DVD and get ready for season 5 which starts airing on June 10th at 9PM. Season 5 will be very exciting. Don't worry I would put any spoilers but be sure to check it out.

There are many other shows that you should check out, such as Once Upon A Time which airs on ABC and also The Secret Circle. Also check out Game of Thrones on HBO. These shows are very interesting and entertaining and they are something everyone can enjoy.