Friday, July 6, 2018

Diary of a Mad Fat Woman (Update)

Diary of a Mad Fat Woman 7-6-18

A while back I started a post called diary of a mad fat woman. This talked about or ranted about all the things that women of a certain size could not find in regular stores and had to go to other stores that were specially designed for larger people but most of the stores never had anything women of plus size wanted to wear. I look back on my blog and came to see that I'm not mad anymore, but I will still keep the title “Diary of a mad fat woman” since I never reach the weight loss goal that I was looking to a achieve but I'm happy with the condition of my body.

Since my last post I believe I did lose a few pounds but I am still considered overweight which is totally fine with me because I am an active overweight woman I participate in Taekwondo, I go to the gym, I walk and I run sometimes, I work out at home and manage my eating with very well. As the years went by and I started to look at myself more and appreciate myself more. I find that the more that you dumped down on yourself about the weight that you think you're supposed to be you set yourself back. Taking it slowly at first, working out even if it's like 20 minutes a day just doing something that makes you active and watching all the stuff that you eat because that's a large part of why I stayed fat.

I am much more concerned about what I eat now, but not monitoring the foods that I was eating and not watching what I was taking in, which I was taking in a lot of food and still borderline kinda am now and then like on my post titled “A day out” where I talked about going to Manhattan from Brooklyn and when I was in Manhattan I was having a day to myself I ate what I wanted, and what I wanted  to eat wasn't all that healthy, but it was only like one day and I tried not to regret it  and just get back on the horse. Now you know you have to workout twice as hard and make sure you are also putting in right foods in your body and do all that work so you can achieve the goals. My goal now is to stay healthy as healthy as I can but also I want to lose at least 20 pounds, but I'm not gonna dump down on myself or kill myself over not being able to achieve that in a short amount of time. What matter is that you keep pushing and you keep trying
So at whatever weight you're at make sure you're taking care of yourself. Make sure you're monitoring what you're eating and what you're putting into your body. Remember to try not to eat thing that has a lot of sodium, not a lot of fat, and even still like all those things that you put into your body, there are alternatives for those. I started eating veggie burgers and vegan type foods just to give myself a variety of foods that I can choose from other than what I have here at home.

So don't judge your progress by your scale, judge it by how you are actively keeping yourself healthy whether it's 1 pound, 2 pounds, or 3 pounds as long as you're taking off those pounds and your happy  doing it and you're not punishing yourself in any form or fashion in regards to what your restricting yourself from. All the power to you. Remember to just keep pushing and doing your best to get yourself where you wanna be that person that you see yourself being.