Friday, October 2, 2015


Okay readers so personal thought. While I was getting on the bus today, a crossing guard got on the bus with me and showed her ID and got on the bus for free. While I who also work for the City of New York had to pay my $2.75 so I could get to my next job. I am a substitute teacher, but I am on call everyday and am on the bus or train all the time. 

So why is it that teachers can't get a MetroCard?

Are we unworthy of the pass or something? Seeing that we wake up at the break of dawn to get to where we have to go and then take public transportation, most of the time I think we should get one. Personal spending $116.00 dollars each month out of my paycheck is a little uncalled for, since I am living paycheck to paycheck. I am sure that the MTA will find some other reason to hike up the fair to $3.00 dollars at some point and then the monthly MetroCard will also go up in cost.

What are your thoughts? Should teachers be entitled to free MetroCards OR Should all city works be entitled to MetroCards?