Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hi All,

So I recently released my book Altered Genesis, and wouldn't you know it, after uploading the book and ordering a copy I found some  mistakes that I did not catch before publishing. So I had to spend more time and more money fixing the book to re-upload it again, and send off for more copies. My point is it's always good to have a second peer of eyes going over what you've written. Those eyes can catch all the small mistakes that could cost you big. We sometimes hire an editor to help us with our books, but what if those editors also need eyes watching them.

I was recently told about Grammerly which if you didn't figure by the name is a website that serves a second peer of eyes for you and freelance editors. GREAT!! A site that will catch all those mistakes that you and your editor might overlook. I wanted to share the infographic that was sent to me. The information provided is great for writers, who are looking to hire freelance editors to help make our books a better read.  After visiting their website, I saw that this product is not only used by writers, but also students, business people, bloggers, and people who just want to write better.

So stop byGrammerly and find out what they are all about.