Thursday, December 18, 2014



I know that you are nervous over the recent hacking of your company's system and that there have been threats made towards the company and towards movie theaters that would dear to show "The Interview", but I really wanted to see this movie and from what I've read you have pulled it's release.  I have a wonderful suggestion that would help you out and cheer up the public, why not just leak the movie to the internet for all to see. You would not be releasing it so to speak and who so ever wants to see it can view it free of charge and write reviews about it so that the MORONS who don't know what COMEDY is can see that this movie will not all of a sudden make the public go "Yeah I think we should do that." But this is only the suggestion of one person who is a fan of both Seth Rogen and James Franco. I hope you come up with something good, since it would a waste of millions of dollars for your company to just lock the movie up somewhere. At the end of the day I support the right for this movie to be released and those that are lacking a sense of humor should go hide in a closet somewhere because the world is filled with people who make fun of politicians and leaders of nations they don't agree with. 

So Sony don't give into FEAR....and LEAK the movie.