The moment I heard the opening theme song, I am already excited anticipating what adventure and trouble, because there always is awaits us next. You never know where, when, or sometimes how you end up in the places you do. But when that familiar noise is heard and you look over your shoulder to see a blue police box appear out of nowhere you know that you are traveling with the Doctor. The more than 50 year old series has come back to life and adding new Whovians to its army of loyal follower. First airing in 1963, Doctor Who then portrayed by William  Hartnell and his famous mode of transport the TARDIS are one of the most beloved characters ever to come out of England. Although the series went off the air in 1989, those who loved it and grow up with it thought it was time to bring the good old doctor back.
All  eleven versions of the Doctor

  Flash forward to 2005 and Russell T. Davies has brought us a new Doctor and a new companion.   In the new series we meet the ninth Doctor. This incarnation of the Doctor portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.  If you don't already know each time the Doctor is fatally wounded instead of dying he regenerates into a new Doctor. Each Doctor has his own personality and his own way of being the Doctor. Filled with a wonderful, but  dry humor Eccleston plays the role of the ninth doctor wonderful. He is the one that fines one of the most loved of his companions Rose Tyler.

  After the ninth doctor dies or disappears which ever you prefer to say, we get the tenth doctor, which I must confess is my favorite. David Tennant joins the long line of the Doctor's incarnations and picks up where Eccleston left off which is venturing through time and space with Rose Tyler.  Tennant's version of the Doctor seem to me to be a less than cheery version of his former self. Although David Tennant is extremely funny in the role, his version of the Doctor was some what darker and I liked it. This Doctor was all about humanity and now and then second chances. I've only been watching the series for over hmm, lets say a year and I've seen every episode, but unfortunately I have yet to seen season 6 for some odd reason. But even thought the eleventh Doctor is a blast, I still miss Tennant's doctor badly he played the role of Doctor Who from 2005 until 2010. One might say that when Russell Davies, was replaced by Steven Moffat it was a changing of the guards.

The tenth and eleventh Doctor Who.
Left David Tennant Right Matt Smith
  It's hard to believe that someone actually thunk this man up and this Jamaican is happy someone did. Like most Whovian's I've wished and dreamed that the Doctor was real and that one night while sitting in bed you would hear that strange and distinct sound, rush to your window just to see a blue police call box appear out of nowhere and a well dress tussle hair man appear out of it and to hear him say "Hello". Of course the Doctor who would be at my window would be the tenth Doctor David Tennant. But to each his own, your Doctor might be different.

  You would stare at him in awe for a while of course and then maybe ask where he come from. You would listen to him with great intent while he tells you tales of far off worlds made from diamonds. Worlds where you can see things you have only dreamed of. Or he will tell you about all the people he's met through out earth's history.

  You would listen and dream and when he was done you would want to go on one of these adventures. If you were the right person he would take you. He would ask you if you wanted to stay with him like he has asked so many. In all the Doctor has had 35 companions in the series and in your dreams you would be one of the few that has had the honor of journeying through the stars with this great man.

 I've often wondered if this was real and even possible where and when would I want to go. I've always been some what of a geek over Greek history so I would want to go and see where the legend of Hercules, Jason and the Argonauts, many other stories that we now consider myths started. I love to see if it was real and in the Doctor's version of the universe he would probably introduce me to Hercules and Jason.

  But like always there would be some danger to look out for while on one of these wonderful adventures. You always have to worry which enemy of the Doctor's you might run into. There is a long list of them, but most notable are the Daleks, Cybermen, and The Master. Although you might not see these villains and trust me you wouldn't want too; there is always another villain causing trouble or a problem to be solved when the Doctor takes you anywhere.

  So my fellow Whovians, what can I say about the Doctor that hasn't already been said in the many specials air on BBC America about him. Well I can say that from this Jamaicans point of view the Doctor Who series is probably if not the best sci-fi series I've ever seen. Even though I watch a lot of American series, such as Eureka (which ended this month ), Lost Girl, Supernatural, Grimm, none of them compares to the Doctor, because none of them are like the Doctor. Sure in most of those series you are fighting some supernatural being, but which one of them takes you to earth's future? Which one of them takes you to earth's past? Which one of them takes you to many other galaxies and show you planets that you've never dreamed of? Well the answer my dear friend is NONE!. And if you don't believe watch the specials to get caught up on everything that is Doctor Who. If you've missed the specials don't worry go to BBC and check out the schedule and you can see when they will air again.

  Happily BBC America has been hinting that the new season of the Doctor Who will start airing sometime next month. They have been hitting us with a lot of specials on the Doctor. So if you have BBC America check it out  Saturday, August 3rd from 6PM-9PM. For those that are new to the series watching the specials is a great way to get the run down on things you might want to know.  They will be specials on the companions, the monsters, and the best of the Doctor. Also they will be exploring the science behind Doctor Who. For those that will be join us Whovians you will be jumping in head first into the adventure with the eleventh Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith. The eleventh Doctor Who along with his companion Amy Pony and her fiance Rory Williams and the infamous River Song. So if you want to play catch try and watch season 5 and 6 before season 7 starts.

  So don't forget if you hear a strange sound out your window take a look and if you see a blue police box  out there and a strange man dressed to the nines in some cool sneaks. Your in for a world of adventures or your just plain nuts. Safe Travels